Wau State Stadium To Get A Facelift

The Governor of Wau town has said that Wau State stadium will be rebuilt after it was destroyed by a heavy windstorm last weekend.

 Wau State Stadium To Get A Facelift
Wau stadium after being destroyed by a windstorm [Gurtong/James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 01 November 2017 [Gurtong] –Speaking to Gurtong on Tuesday during his visit to assess the level of destruction caused by the wind storm, Governor Angelo Taban said the cabinet will embark on the way forward to rehabilitate the stadium.

“It is a natural disaster and so we have a way forward after visiting the site to assess the damage caused by the wind storm. So we will go and sit, we will call for engineers and technicians so that they can come and design a new stadium and demolish the old one,” said Taban.

“We are going to make an urgent decision about this right from today and tomorrow and then all the technicians will come and we will launch the rebuilding of this site,” he said.

Wau main stadium is the only government leading stadium in the region even way before the independence of South Sudan from Sudan.

The stadium has been hosting many government events including, public rallies and Inter-States competitions.

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