President Kiir Extends Bahr el Ghazal Region’s State Of Emergency

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has extended the state of emergency in some parts of Bahr el Ghazal region.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 11 November 2017- [Gurtong] –
The state of emergency was imposed in the State early this year in July.

In a presidential decree read on State owned TV the decree approved more 90-days extension of the state of emergency in parts of Bahr al Ghazal region particularly in Gogrial, Tonj, Wau and Aweil East States.

The extension has been triggered by reports of new waves of revenge killings and cattle rustling in those areas due to presence of firearms in the hands of civilians.

Since the presidential state of emergency came into effect in July, the four State Governors, Tonj, Wau and Gogrial States started a massive disarmament aimed at removing weapons from the hands of civilians.

The launching of the disarmament process was follow and adopted after a joint security committee meeting held in Wau State between the three Governors of Wau, Tonj and Gorgrial.
Some of the resolutions of the meeting included the following;

1. Immediate opening and stopping harassment of passengers along main roads and corridors leading to Gogrial State

2. Official touring to the three States to enlighten citizens on the consequences of the declared state of emergency

3. Development of joint forces in the areas of Manyang, Piangalek and Achong Chong with full emergency powers to keep law and order

4. Punishment of anybody who claims demarcation of inter-State and internal border.
5. Apprehend culprits who commit crime in the recent conflict of Marial Bai, Apuok south and Abiem of Tonj State

In a separate decree, Kiir ordered free movement of humanitarian organizations across South Sudan after reports that aid workers were being restricted from accessing vulnerable people who are in dire need of aid assistance in the country.

Kiir’s decree said all roadblocks must be cleared immediately. The order also warned that anybody who hinders the delivery of aid assistance or imposes taxes on humanitarian convoys will be held accountable.

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