Traders In Tonj Threaten To Shut Down Businesses

Traders in Tonj town today threatened to close down businesses, due to the rising levels of night robberies in their shops if the State government do not provide sufficient security for them to operate without fear.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU 13, November 2017 [Gurtong] -
This move comes after thieves broke into a shop in the market on Wednesday stealing a sum total of 157,000 SSP and other commodities stocked in the shop.

The traders last week demonstrated demanding the State government to provide effective
protection at night.

The demonstration which was called off after taking more than three hours was quelled down after the State government promised to provide security patrols at night in the market and around all residential areas in the town.

A Sudanese businessman operating in Tonj town, Mohamed Ibrahim told Gurtong on Monday that they have resumed their business operations after the assurance.

“We have now opened our shops and everybody is running their business without fear. However we need the State government to implement the promise it made of providing security within our shops at night,” he said.

When contacted, the Acting Governor of Tonj State, Teresa Awien Dal, said that the government will apprehend criminals found committing crimes in the town.


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