ARADO Holds One Day Round Table Discussion

Action for Relief and Development Organization (ARADO) last week organized a one day roundtable discussion on the Importance of inter-departmental linkages.

 By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 14 November 2017 [Gurtong]-
Speaking during the opening remarks, the manager of Rumbek Civic engagement Center, William Malok Majak Malok urged the participants comprising members of the civil society groups, local government administrators and State politicians that the aim of the discussion was to identify the gaps between CSOs, State politicians and local authorities and how to improve the situation.

The Area Manager for ARADO, Madam Anzoa Annet said that the organization is new in Lakes State and is working to Identify areas of gaps in different places within the community.

“We have done consultations in two areas with communities of Amongpiny and Rumbek North Counties as well as forming women association. And when we get funds from donors, we will give those training skills and knowledge on how to do business for on their own,” said Annet.

She said the forum is being held in order to form effective clusters in the four Counties of Western Lakes State including Wulu, Rumbek Centre, Rumbek North and Rumbek East Counties respectively.

The cluster groups will be headed by the head/Directors of local government administrators at the County levels.

The UNOCHA facilitator of the roundtable discussion, Madam Joyce Asha, said good coordination which includes strong accountability and partnership is necessary when emergencies occur and during delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected communities.

The Routable discussion recommended the formation of clusters in four Counties, identifying priority services to the Counties, and also involvement of the County Commissioners in the next roundtable discussion.


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