Kangi-Bar-Urud Feeder Road In Wau To Be Completed Next Month

The people of Kangi in Wau State have applauded the construction of Kangi-Bar-Urud feeder road.

Kangi-Bar-Urud Feeder Road In Wau To Be Completed Next Month
Kangi-Bar Urud feder road project in Wau [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 16 November 2017 [Gurtong] –The construction of the feeder road began last year where it first connected Wau State to Gogrialfrom Kangi County and Besilia County.

The construction is being done by Chinese construction Limited company, Zhonghao Oversea, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPs.

According to the local communities,since the construction of the feeder road they have been able to bring their produces to the  local markets along the main roads.

According to Zhonghao Project Manager, Tang Liangqing, the project said the project is estimated to cost 3.4 million USD.

He said the new constructed road will soon handed over to the South Sudan government next month.

“For this project of Kangi- Bar Urud feeder road by Zhonghao, we started the project last year. We have now completed a 25 kilo meter road, the total of this project is only 28 kilo meters and at the end of this month, we be handing over the new completed road to the South Sudan government,” he said.

He also appreciated the cooperation shown by the local communities for their labour during the construction.

“I really appreciat these local communities because since we started this project, these people know it very clear that we are doing development and they have supported us with labour and other needs,” he said.

On his part, Wau State Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Peter Upieu Titkui said the road is development for the State.

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