Tailoring, My Step To Success

“My training as a tailor was my first step to success,” says Sophia Lou a 30 year old living in Rumbek tailoring clothes for women.

Tailoring, My Step To Success
Sophia Lou Jongo, sewing clothes in her shop in Rumbek [Gurtong photo/Mabor Riak]]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 20 November 2017 [Gurtong]-
Lou, is a Ugandan who moved to South Sudan looking for greener pasture. She rents a small shop in Rumbek for SSP 1,500 per month for her sewing business.

She says that she started the business in South Sudan after completing her ordinary level of secondary education and a vocational technical training in Uganda in 2016.

“Sewing in fact was not my choice during my technical vocational training, I was interested in plumbing, but my Parents advised me to go for a course that can make me earn money quickly and that’s sewing.” She said.

“I was adept at needlework, but I had no idea about running a business, I didn't have a proper place and assistance to do that," said the 30 year old Lou.

“My mentor was a lady called, Caroline, she has trained me a lot and provided me with the knowledge and skills and more credible advice on how to do the sewing business.” Said Jogo.

After making a few pounds in South Sudan she managed to buy a sewing machine from Uganda to kick start her business.

“I started this business with a small capital because I had acquired goods skills now in tailoring, and I kept my financial discipline and bought a second hand machine, threads and some clothes in order to sustain my life here in Rumbek,” said Lou.

She told Gurtong that currently she is working on individual orders but is expecting big orders from schools both primary and secondary for uniforms.

“I am currently working on individual orders every day for ladies because the Christmas season is approaching as you can see, and there is a queue for orders. But am also waiting for big orders from people who want me to make school uniforms. “She said.

Lou has three siblings in the village who are living with their mother. She is the bread winner as their father passed away years ago living them behind with nothing and must now work hard to provide back at home.

“In fact everybody wants their outfit to be a perfect fit. Many people prefer to buy the readymade clothes so as to reduce the burden of tailoring, but it has also been found that sometimes readymade clothes lack giving a perfect fit to the person.”

“Sometimes, it is difficult for one to find a style in the market but you may find the style of your own choice if you get it tailored from the best tailor,” added Lou.

She said most of the customers she receives is because they are referred to her by those who have already been to her shop and have seen her work.

“I do offer different variety of dresses for women. If they want readymade they can just buy it here from me at affordable prices than going somewhere to buy it expensively,” said Lou.

“I have different types of kitenge which I brought from Uganda. Customers buy them from me and each is SSP 4, 000 minus sewing, which is SSP 2,500.”  The fun thing with my customers is that whenever they are happy with the design and the cloth they always give me a tip of SSP 250 which I use for buying lunch.”

Sophia highlights some important aspects on how to maintain a good business.

“First you have to choose a good business idea. You also have to work with not just anybody, but with the one that listens to you and maintains financial discipline. Always keep your dream and focus on your goals and consistently promote your business. “Said Lou.

“I would finally like to say that the future is unpredictable, but I'm pretty confident, I will make my business successful and flourish," said Lou.


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