2.5 Million Dollar World Bank Project Improving Lives Of Communities In Wau

The local community in former Jur River County in Wau State have expressed gratitude to World Concern Organization for their support in empowering lives and building resilience in the State.

2.5 Million Dollar World Bank Project Improving Lives Of Communities In Wau
Goats given to communities in Wau by World Concern Organization [Gurtong Photo /James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo  

WAU, 30 November 2017 [Gurtong] –
Five months ago the World Concern Organization with support from the World Bank through FAO has been building community lives resilience through provision of food stocks that includessupplying the community with weekly distribution of milk, meat, fresh fish and other food commodities aimed at feeding poor families with children graduating from  malnutrition feeding.

The $2.5 million dollar Project funded by the World Bank to the government of South Sudan is providing technical assistance for implementation of one of the components towards Improved Nutritional Outcomes
Target beneficiaries

Households with malnourished children, malnourished mothers, and vulnerable households with children less than 5 years who are at risk of falling into the malnutrition trap from either the IDP or returnee communities are part of the beneficiaries.

It is important to note that malnutrition is a multifaceted problem that requires multi-stakeholder involvement. Therefore in this project FAO through its partners is complimenting efforts of other agencies and organizations. Most of the project beneficiaries are coming from
those households whose children are receiving treatment from the health centres supported by UNICEF or those that have been discharged.

The project targets a total number of 7000 beneficiaries. 2000 in Juba, Central Equatoria, 3000 in former Jur County in Wau State and 2000 in Aweil South Counties.

The Organization since it started has been targeting areas in Jur River including Marail-Ajith, Roc-Roc Dong, Getti, Kangi and Udici among others with food supplementary feeding.

The organization has also been offering life skills training to the communities among which include fishing, cooking, rearing chicken, keeping goats and crops cultivation among others.

Thought the service of the organization is likely to end next month, beneficiaries from these areas have appreciated the organizations effort in improving their living conditions since it

Anyar who is a community member from Marail –Ajith said the communities have now acquired skills to sustain their families during this tough time in the country.

“We are very happy to receive these live stocks, chicken and goat though the World Concern has been helping these communities with food commodities and now the communities have gained great changes in their lives,” he said.

“Being given five goats and five chicken is very significant in building our lives, now am going to keep these goats and rear these chicken with hopes of promoting a small scale business when they multiply. I will be getting milk from my goats and a big profit from my chicken,” said Anyar.

He also said that any organization that is willing to assist communities in South Sudan should first consult with the communities in order to know what it is that they need the most.

Regina Ajong Achor from Roc-Roc Dong County could not help but thank the World Concern Organization for improving her life.

“We are very happy to World Concern because it has introduced a good way of living, it has saved our children from malnutrition and at the same time, World Concern has brought to us goats, chickens. What we are asking the World Concern to do more for us is to provide us with ox ploughs and seeds such that we can continue improving our lives,”she said.

According to Wau State FAO Programme Manager, Nalyongo Winfred, FAO is running a nutrition voucher scheme to enable the mothers access nutritious commodities from the market.

“Concurrently they are receiving nutrition information on improved household food preparation and preservation practices” she said.

“We are promoting nutrition sensitive technologies like solarized techniques for vegetable preservation (using the sun to dry and preserve vegetables for future consumption without losing the nutritive value); energy saving stoves –using basic materials – grass, dung, soil, simple kitchen gardens,” she said.

She also said the Organization is Promoting nutrition sensitive agriculture – growing the right mix of crops – shift from a focus on cereal to important legume crops, fruits, vegetables, backyard poultry and small stock production – goats, sheep.

“Thus we are providing investment vouchers for each household to exchange the vouchers for 3 goats, and 5 chickens.  If these are managed well, these households should be free of malnutrition within one year,” she said.

“There are a number of stakeholders supporting the communities majorly providing treatment for the malnourished cases.  To tackle malnutrition effectively we need a combination to address it from all angles, the treatment side, information and education, and most importantly we must also deal with the root causes of the problem.  Therefore, we are the missing link in the chain because we deal with production and that is where the answers to solving the
nutrition challenge lays. Being able to grow and make available the right mix of crops in sufficient quantities,” she added.

Wau state World Concern Organization programme manager, Josha Wundi said the aim of the organization is to help out the children graduating from the malnutrition centres who were saved by the UNICEF and WFP.

“The aims of this project is to ensure that children that are graduating from other nutrition projects that is from the treatment managed by WFP, UNICEF and Jonathan should not fall back to malnutrition again but we are able to pick them up through this feeding, “he said.

Wundi said World Concern is also giving these communities life skills in production and how to manage their small livestock.

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