Egyptian Army In Juba To Train SPLA

An Egyptian army delegation arrived Juba on Monday to hold talks with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) for training the SPLA in fields of production.

 Egyptian Army In Juba To Train SPLA
Maj. Gen Dau Alier receiving the delegation from Egyptian National Service Projects Organization at Juba International Airport yesterday [Photo by Jale Richard]

By Jale Richard

JUBA, 12 December 2017 [Gurtong]-The delegation is composed of four major generals and one civil engineer from the Egypt’s National Service Projects Organization, the civilian agency of the army forces in Egypt, a body responsible for construction of bridges, roads, industrial projects, fisheries and others development projects.

The delegation will be in the country till Friday, and are expected to reach agreements on ways of training the SPLA with skills.

“This is a golden chance for our people and our army particularly the military economic corporation, it seems to be late but not too late, now we are taking another step in the production,” Major Dau Alier, the Director-General for military economic corporation in the ministry of defense told the media upon the arrival of the military delegation at Juba International Airport on Monday.

Major Alier said he hopes the cooperation will produce results being the first military economic corporation between the government of Egypt and South Sudan.

“We want to be a productive army; the SPLA must be a productive army,” Alier reiterated.
He said they are targeting areas of production in agriculture, animal resources, mining, small scale industries, but not in weapons.

The Egyptian delegation was led by Lieutenant General Mustafa Amin Ali, the head of the Egyptian National Service Projects Organization.

“We will take them through a program that we have planned for them, and then from there we will have a final day for what we have agreed,” said Alier.

Egypt has been supporting South Sudan in many sectors, including agriculture, water, and health among other sectors.


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