Women, The Most Affected In On-going Conflict In Lakes Region

Following the recent fighting among the three rival communities of Agaar, the Rup, Kuei and Pakam that left over 200 people dead, the hopes for peace for the people of Malek County have been shattered.

Women, The Most Affected In On-going Conflict In Lakes Region
Women fleeing their villages to town for safety [Photo|Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 14 December 2017 [Gurtong]-Many women around the surrounding villages of Abeer, Nyangkot and tit-thoi have deserted their villages following a report of 3 women who have been killed and bodies amputated in Cuei-arol villages.

Mary Akur, aged 30 who migrated to Rumbek town for safety urged the warring communities of Rup, Kuei and Pakam to immediately cease hostilities and killings of old men and women.

“I have never heard or witnessed such bad killings of amputating women’s hands before by the armed Youth but I have witnessed one incident right now which will make me never to return to my village unless the conflicts among these three communities of Rup, Kuei and Pakam is settled. We the women are innocent and vulnerable and we don’t belong to any side and we should not be used by both three communities as weapons of getting rid of each other in the fighting”. Said Akur.

“I am now moving towards the town because there is better security. Staying in this village is no longer secure for women, children and the elderly ones since women and old men have become targets of this senseless fighting among the armed youth of Rup, Kuei and Pakam ”. Akur said.

“I heard of nearly 20 vulnerable people, women and elderly fathers killed in the two day fighting and my village is neighboring that community. What do you expect from those who lost their wives? They will also retaliate and come to my village and kill us here that is why I am leaving the village to town for safety and security until the problem is addressed by the government. There is no way am going to stay and be amputated and killed like those women in Cuei-arol. Orders from my husband to remain here will not work completely.” she said.

She appealed to the national government of South Sudan and the State to intervene and solve the on-going conflict between the rival communities in the Lakes region.

“We want the government of South Sudan and Western Lakes State to intervene immediately to resettle back those who want to occupy the area and to arrest those who are maintaining and keeping these people around the town for fighting to continue. Our children are finishing themselves for nothing without clear reasons at all,” said Akur.

Amok Dhieu, a 50 year old said that the youth have turned to killing even those who are not involved in their conflict.

“My son, I have nothing to tell you about this ongoing violence. Our sons have turned their guns against us, they are killing old men and women by amputating them before they are killed, and those old men are their grandfathers. Now who is left to be targeted and killed?  The grandmothers,” said Dhieu.

Dhieu who has been displaced from Tit-thoi and has finally settled in Achol-then urged the Pakam to allow the Rup to return to their home.

“It is pointless to stop somebody not to return to his village and you expect him to be ok with it.”
She urged the government to use necessary means to resettle the Rup and Pakam community into their original land for the sake of peace to prevail.


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