Doctors In Wau Lay Down Tools Following Arrest Of Their Colleague

The arrest of a senior medical doctor in Wau has paralyzed medical care at Wau Teaching Hospital.

Doctors In Wau Lay Down Tools Following Arrest Of Their Colleague
Nurses marching in Wau [Gurtong|file photo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 14 December 2017 [Gurtong] – A senior medical Doctor, Nixson Anthony Ubor was arrested in connection with the death of two senior SPLA officers in Wau.

Two two senior SPLA officers died in August following an alleged food poisoning at a workshop that was organized by the United Nation Civil Affairs department in Wau.

Ubor had conducted a medical examination on the diseased and reported that their death was not as a result of food poisoning.

“We are medical doctors we have sworn allegiance to conduct our duties in an ethical manner and we will not give false statements. And when our colleague conducted the examination and gave his report, he was subjected to an unlawful arrest,” said one of the doctors who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We have today laid down our tools in solidarity with our colleague. We are demanding his immediately release without any conditions, otherwise, negative effect of our strike would be on innocent patients seeking for treatment at the hospital,” he said.

When contacted for comments at Wau central prison, Ubor said that he was arrested after issuing the post-mortem report in which he dismissed the claim that the late had died due to food poisoning.

"I am the one who received the late when he was brought to the hospital in August. I did a successful surgery, but he died later, so when I was called, I came and wrote a post-mortem report that he was suffering from sigmoid volvulus (a cause of large bowel obstruction),” he said.

“After the medical report, a doctor working with the military contacted me and said that the post-mortem report I issued will cause problems because they know that Akec died due to food poisoning,”” he added.

The doctor pointed out that he had appeared before court to defend his report before being arrested on Monday.

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