Over 250 Refugees Receive Training On Farming In Moyo District

Since the outbreak of the December 2013 conflict in South Sudan many humanitarian organizations in Uganda have continued offering their support to the South Sudanese refugees arriving Uganda on a daily basis.

 Over 250 Refugees Receive Training On Farming In Moyo District
ARDA Organizing the training for the South sudanese refugees in Moyo[Photo credit|SCOVIN]

By Paul Night

MOYO, 15 December 2017 [Gurtong]-
Agencies have channeled their attention towards educating the refugees in the field of agriculture for sustainability of their stay following the continued crisis in South Sudan.

ADRA a relief agency is one of the humanitarian aid wing that carried out a survey this week during a training carried out by the organization and realized that majority of the refugees are farmers.

The overall objective of the project is to build capacity for and further strengthen adoption of innovative strategies that can improve food security and eradicate poverty at household levels through organic farming and possibly uplift the feeding standard of the refugees and the host communities.

 ADRA challenged the refugees to stop being dependent but rather be producers of their own food. Over 250 refugees were trained per zone in a period of five days.

In order to build on the training offered to them in practical, they will in turn roll the same ideas to other refugees.

The refugees were allocated a 30 by 30 meter piece of land each in Moyo for both housing and cultivation which seems too small to sustain their farming thus a need for intervention from the host government.

“They have had their food ration cut down to a kilo of beans and few Kilograms of flour, a meal meant of a household throughout a month”, a report from ADRA partly reads.

Emmanuel Lasu, 27year old complained of the reduced food supply and said life is becoming unbearable at the Palorinya following the dry spell in the area.

“There is no food and the ration is very little compared to the time of emergencies. The initiative brought by ADRA to embark on equipping the refugees population with skills to acquire ecological agriculture and improved food security and economic wellbeing through the sustainable agriculture training is the best solution to them as refugees because surviving on that small ration given is quite hard.”

Sebbi Geddi, 46 a refugee who lost his leg to a land mine in South Sudan said the training will help him to do more cultivation given his disability.

“After this training, I will be food secured because I will go back in the settlement and start implementing what we have learned here together”, Sebbi said.

Juliet Lalamu, one of the facilitators said that the 250 refugees are being trained as trainers in order for them to be able to help train the rest of the settlement occupants in the next phase.

“250 farmers from the host community were also trained with more women in attendance than men raising a question of whether men in the Ugandan setting are interested in farming or see it as a skill  that women should do. Some homes received seeds and gardening tools to ensure that their gardens will act as a piloting process to the rest of the other refugees and host communities.” Said Lalamu.

Earlier this week, the Minister for Agriculture, Animals and Fisheries Industry (MAAFI),in Uganda, Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijaa during his visit to Moyo district called upon the South Sudanese refugees and residents in Moyo district to embrace agricultural activities for commercial purposes other than sustainability only at their home level.

“Go down on the ground and organize these farmers and help them to choose their enterprises wisely other than just planting crops for food. Help them to plan the pieces of the land they have at hand and use that land productively in a modernized way so that the people get income”, said Bamulangaki while addressing humanitarian agencies in the district during a meeting with them.


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