Moyo General Hospital Receives New Ultra Sound Machine To Serve Refugees And Host Community

Dr Joseph Arike, the Medical Superintendent at Moyo general Hospital has said It has taken the hospital a long time without having an ultr sound machine.

Moyo General Hospital Receives New Ultra Sound Machine To Serve Refugees And Host Community
Moyo LCV Chairman, Williams Anyama recieving the new Ultra Sound Machine [Photo| Paul Night]

By Paul Night

MOYO, 11 January 2018 [Gurtong]-“The one which was there previously got spoiled it was until the ministry of health came to our rescue and new probe was installed a few days ago.” Said Arike.

He said the machine will help a lot particularly the huge population in the district.

The machine was procured by the office of UNHCR in line with Medical team International (MTI).

Dr Patrick Okello, the Public health officer for UNHCR field office-Moyo said the procurement of the new Ultra Sound machine for the facility marks an important milestone in efforts to provide quality health care service for both Refugees and the hosting communities.

“Most of the patients in maternity and children ward at Moyo general hospital 50 percent are refugees. We have appreciated the support that Moyo district local government is giving in helping us to care for the refugees,” said Okello.

He applauded the leadership of the district for being supportive in providing protection for the South Sudanese Refugees.

“We are happy that the Ultra sound machine has been brought will be used to benefit both refugees and locals in the spirit of support the UNHCR is giving. We are confident that the machine maintenance will be taken care of and I’m sure it will provide services to our patients”, he said.

Godfrey Byaruhanga, the Settlement commandant Moyo and Adjumani districts in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) described this as an achievement.

“Few months ago when we gathered to discuss about the Ultra Sound machine and the debate was about repairing of the machine that was in place at the facility but after the consultations we realized repairing may not be sustainable. The money we are going to inject in the old one is almost the same for half of what we are going to invest in the new one.” Said Byaruhanga.

He said the Ultra Sound Scan machine purchased was worth Ugx 57 million.

“We have already recruited two doctors for Moyo general hospital and the Ultra Sound Machine is now in place to serve the patients. What you requested at the end of the year keeping other factors constant the two doctors will come and we have fixed the gap partly”, he said.

Moyo district LCV Chairman, Williams Anyama expressed his gratitude to UNHCR, MTI and OPM for responding. “We are really grateful as Moyo district local government leadership”, he said.

He assured the implementing partners (IPs) that it is not the end of the demanding supports but the district shall continue to work with humanitarian aid organisations closely not in the areas of health but also in the brooder aspects of life.

“We shall continue to knock at your doors because we partners share the same vision, information and challenges and addressing this challenges is a collaborative strategy. All of us our contribution will be counted and such that we shall continue to request you in many areas and when we come to you do not call it political pressure but  that is necessary intervention which is required because we speak for many people who cannot speak for themselves”,  he said.


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