Youth Urged To Surrender Arms In Western Lakes State

The Chairperson of the Caucus of the Committee of the Transitional National legislative Assembly, Daniel Dhieu Matuet Urged the Youth to sign the declaration of State of Emergency for disarmament.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 11 January 2018 [Gurtong]-Dhieu Matuet said that the Agar armed Youth had taken up arms for the wrong reasons.

“They are now using AK47 to raid cattle and for revenge killings. We have declared whole heartedly and in our blood that these AK47s must go away from this land because it is finishing and destroying us. It is the greatest enemy to us especially to Western Lakes State, he said.

The Deputy National Minister for Information, Akol Paul Kordit said the army is ready to eliminate warmongers in Western Lakes State as he urged the youth and the community at large to cooperate with the government to help identify those against peace.

“This is a meeting of peace, love, progress and development and this is the beginning of peace . Now I can see from your faces here that you are convinced and convicted that guns must be removed from the hands of the civil population and peace must come in Western Lakes State.”

He said who have not seen the tanks and the army here in Western Lakes State.  You have all

Paul Kordit said; most victims of the communal violence are the educated youth and intellectuals.

“If you want to remove these guns you must begin from where you sleep in your house by saying AK47 must not be kept again in your room and tell that message to your neighbor to remove it. Let me tell you that the government is the second power after God, It has the capability to remove all your guns”.  He stressed.

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