Wau State SPLM Interim Secretariat Names New County Secretaries

The office of the Sudan People’s Liberation Interim secretariat in Wau State on Wednesday announced new County Secretaries.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 11 January 2018 [Gurtong] – In a local order No: 01/2018 issued by the State party secretar,Velentino Majok Majok, the State party interim secretary appointed the following people as County secretaries.
1.      Elario Kon Nyiglo for Kangi county

2.      Daniel Awet Udero for Roc-Roc Dong

3.      Rita Thomas Simon for Besselia

4.      Andrea Manyuat Akuar for Udici

5.      Peter  Bandas Ukola for Kpaile

6.      Dominic Ukoth Akot for Kwajiena

7.      John Deng Mayuot for Marialbai

8.      Elias Andrea Terso for Bagari

The order is meant for the party to reactivate the party’s activities at the County and Boma levels.


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