14 Suspects Behind Inter-Communal Conflicts Arrested In Tonj

The Governor of Tonj State Akech Tong Aleu has said that so far 14 suspects behind the inter-communal clashes that left 40 dead last year have been apprehended.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 12 January [Gurtong] – Speaking to Gurtong, Aleu said that the youth were from Tonj East, Jalwau and Thiik.

“Last week, I was in Tonj East for a peace conference between the two communities and in this conference, traditional chiefs and prominent community leaders in principle agreed to trace the culprits. So these people were identified by the communities of the roles they played during these mess,” said Aleu.

“We the State government are responding to the law and I hope this arrest will stop the conflict among the communities,” he said.

On his part, Tonj State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency, Makana Akol said that the State government will eventually set up a special tribunal court for trial of the suspects as soon as possible.

“After the arrest, the government of the State will hand them to the Chief Justice and the Chief Justice will form a special court to try these cases,” said Makana.

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