Refugee Youth Must Focus On Entrepreneurship, Says Bishop Of Kajo-Keji Diocese

Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Kajo-Keji, Rt Rev Emmanuel Murge Modi has said with a slow growth in job markets and a sharp increase in fresh graduates coming out of colleges and universities, South Sudanese refugee youth should focus on entrepreneurship to keep up modern challenges.

Refugee Youth Must Focus On Entrepreneurship, Says Bishop Of Kajo-Keji Diocese
Bishop of the Diocese of Kajo-Keji Rt Rev Emmanuel Murge Modi [Photo|Paul Night]

By Paul NIght

MOYO, 16 January 2018 [Gurtong]-“Young refugees have to think of entrepreneurship because not everybody can get a dream job after graduation. One needs to have a vision. Why am I existing in this world and what should I do and what will be my future are the questions the refugee youth should asked in their mind” said Bishop Murge.

He made this remarks during a press briefing at the diocese headquarters in Moyo town last week.

“Entrepreneurship is an attitude and one must nurture the desire of entrepreneurship,” he added.

He said while multinational jobs can give extraordinary rewards, they can also kill entrepreneurial minds in the very beginning of one’s career.

 He also added that Entrepreneurs always break mental barriers and avoid tunnel view that most people see while on the job.

” They always think ahead of others and take risks. An entrepreneur goes according to his or her own map unlike the map given by the company as annual targets to achieve”, he added.

Last Thursday at the Moyo district council hall, humanitarian agencies and district officials urged the youth in the district to focus on entrepreneurship and job creation in order to exploit and utilize the multi-million opportunities offered at refugee settlements.

 Mr Gabriel Luzira, the County director of Christians Expeditious Foundations said the future of young Africans lies in Africa.

“Our brother and sisters of South Sudanese refugee youth should be at the forefront of job creation by being innovators and entrepreneurs,” Luzira said.

Calling on the refugees’ youth to venture into agriculture income generating projects and create more employment, he said that agribusiness has become a lucrative business in the developed economies. "If we don't show confidence in our young people, who will do it?” he asked.

Ernest Nyango,the district community development officer, Moyo district local government has challenged the youth (both Refugees and host Communities) to seize opportunities created by the Country’s growth in order to create a better future for themselves.

He also noted that Entrepreneurship and innovation among the youth is an engine of social and economic transformation of Refugee and Host Communities Youth which should be harnessed.
"I encourage young people in Settlements and the Host Communities to work hard and turn their entrepreneurial dreams into working businesses. Ugandan economies should create a conducive environment, and fix challenges like lack of access to finance, market and electricity, in order to enable the youth to exploit their talents," he said.

Rev Elly Kajaminyo, director of the planning development and relief department of the diocese of Kajo-Keji pledged to drive the Refugee youth connect entrepreneurship agenda and create jobs for their peers in their respective settlement.

According to the  Rev Kajaminyo by changing mindsets, engaging youth in entrepreneurship, fostering solidarity, engaging youth in delivering, the diocese will empower many refugee youth to take a more proactive role in shaping their future.

Around 200 million of the 1.2 billion Africans are youth aged between 15 and 24 years who need to be well groomed and nurtured for the better future of Africa, according to United Nations Development Program data (UNDP).

Statistics of the World Bank indicates that Africa also has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, which stands at 60 percent due to under developments in many African countries.


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