Clerics Hopeful Peace Will Prevail In South Sudan In 2018

It is our prayer that 2018 will be a year of peace because of the steps taken by IGAD” said The Bishop of Diocese of Kajo-Keji Rt Rev Emmanuel Murge Modi.

Clerics Hopeful Peace Will Prevail In South Sudan In 2018
ishop of Diocese of Kajo-Keji Rt Rev Emmanuel Murge Modi [Photo|Paul Night]

By Paul Night

MOYO, 16 Janauary 2018 [Gurtong]- The revitalization forum that was formed in June, seeks to review the progress of implementation and identify problem areas, such as incorporating of all the disgruntled groups that were not part of the agreement.

According to reports in February, 2018 both parties and Committees will go back on the drawing board to discuss about the issue of security arrangement and also to discuss about other plans.

“We still need to pray for it so that God takes his position because without his efforts it will cause a lot of problem because people have lost many lives and properties because of the insecurity in South Sudan”, Bishop Modi said.

He said the diocese of Kajo-Keji is happy with the recent ceasefire that was signed. “I saw that document and there are more good things and the goodness is that we (Church leaders) tried to reach to Kajo-Keji County recently and held talks. The purpose of the talks was to build relationship with the government authorities because some days back they thought we have been supporting the SPLA-IO and that was not the intention but the intention is to provide food for the needy persons”, Rev Bishop Modi said.

He also added that while in Kajo-Keji County the Church leaders had good interface meeting with government official including the army Commandant and were calling for the people (Refugees) to return back to the area.

“The people of South Sudan particularly in Kajo-Keji County do not need to be outside their country. There is need to go back to stay at home so that they work for themselves. They are not used to relief food because people down there were self-reliant”, Bishop Modi said.

James Sokiri Manashi, 24 year old said much as the revitalization program is put in place, most of the refugees have doubts about an immediate peace returning to south Sudan.

“Some of my friends said this is not possible because it is not the first time of its kind and previously Anyanya  1 War  people fought after ten years, they also came back and another  SPLA war of struggles that is why there is this element of doubt”, Sokiri said.

Sokiri said there is still much time needed for South Sudan to regain lasting peace and this can only happen through prayers by seeking God’s Interventions.

Rev Elly Kajaminyo, the director of planning development and relief department of the diocese of Kajo-Keji said the diocese has put more efforts in preparing the refugees so that they will know what to do when they return home.

“Some of them are satisfied with this little food given but we need to prepare them through livelihood programmes in terms of sustainability and self-reliance. They need to always be ready for any possible challenges ahead of them especially the element of unity for the people”, Rev Kajaminyo said.

He noted that the refugees need to embrace unity in diversity because South Sudan has many different tribes and is not easy to manage some of these tribes. “We need to prepare our people so that when time comes for them to go back they will go with a heart of peace and mind for sharing resources in their country” said Rev Elly  Kajaminyo.


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