UNHCR To Rehabilitate Roads Linking Zone 1 And 2 In Palorinya Refugees’Camp

The leaders of Moyo district local government have tasked the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other implementing Partners to take over the routine maintenance of the Road Networks that leads to Palorinya refugee settlement.

UNHCR To Rehabilitate Roads Linking Zone 1 And 2 In Palorinya Refugees’Camp
On-going maintainance of roads at the Palorinya refugee settlement in Moyo Uganda [Photo|Paul Night]

By Paul Night

MOYO, 16 January 2018 [Gurtong]-
According to a report released by the office of the Prime Minister, poor road networks is one of the gaps affecting logistics for effective service deliveries to refugees at Palorinya settlement in the district.

Joyce Arachi Ondoa, the LC III Chairperson of Lefori Sub County local government said after working on the road networks from her sub County to Kali refugee settlement it will enhance the transportation for agricultural products to be sufficient enough to support livelihoods in Palorinya refugee settlement.

“If access to road links to the camps are developed it will benefit both the refugees and host communities in transporting their food items”, Ondoa said.

She said most of the roads networks that lead to the settlement have been maintained by the district and central government, however they need to be rehabilitated.

Godfrey Byaruhanga, the Settlement Commandant said poor road networks into and within the settlement poses logistical challenges during rainy seasons that impact on timeliness and cost of activities.

“Pressure on the host community is growing and the services available to refugees are not always available to the host community,” said Godfrey Byaruhanga.

He said Uganda is Africa’s largest host country for refugees and asylum seekers and has one of the world’s largest refugee populations.

“The huge population has put pressure on infrastructure and prices, creating particular challenges for families who are already at risk. We are trying to create balance between these two communities”, he said.

He also noted that peaceful coexistence and positive host community refugee relations contribute towards a sustainable response and integration of social service delivery with local government systems and it is helping in bridging conflicts in individual’s mind in a greater extend.

Palorinya refugee settlement received refugees after the war broke out in 2013 and the first arrivals were received on 09th December 2016 and on the 23 February, Imvepi settlement camp was opened.

While the settlement in no longer receiving new arrivals, humanitarian partners continue to support efforts to improve standards and services for refugee and host community alike.
The settlement is hosting nearly   147,000 South Sudanese since December 2016.

Williams Anyama, the Moyo district LCV Chairman said the traffic flow on the two roads links (Lefori-Kali and Lefori-Belameling Roads) have increased because of the heavy trucks transporting food and non-food items to the refugees.

He said his office has invited the OPM, UNHCR and other development agencies for a meeting to discuss other means to support the routine maintenance.

Anyama said Lefori-Kali road network which connects to zone I and II settlement in Morobi side and Lefori- Belameling road will all be rehabilitated by UNHCR.

“We had very good field visit with technical staff of the district and humanitarian agencies. We remain optimistic that the two roads will be taken care of for better interventions.”

Since the influx of the South Sudanese refugees in to Uganda, it has created developments in many rural places with services coming to the communities like roads opened linking villages hosting refugees, health services has improved greatly with many rehabilitated and new ones constructed in and around the camps.


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