Mapel Primary Health Unit Care To Be Upgraded Into A Hospital

The Minister of Health in Wau State, James Patrice Ibrahim has said his ministry has put in place plans to upgrade the Mapel Primary Health Care Unit in Kwajiena County into a hospital.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 05 February 2018 [Gurtong] –
The minister made the announcement on Friday in Mapel town upon his first visit to the town aiming to reduce the burden of transporting patients to Wau Teaching hospital due to far distance and shabby road infrastructure.

“The transfer of patients from Mapel to Wau has been one of the serious challenges facing people, since there are no hospital ambulances and the distance is too far.”

According to the minster, Mapel needs a hospital rather than a PHCC due to its high population.

“The area is highly populated and it deserves proper clinical facilities. The State Ministry of Health will soon work on the matter of upgrading this primary health care into a hospital and the ministry will dispatch doctors to work here,” he said.

He called for cooperate from Greater Jur River Counties including Commissioners and other partners to support the plans.


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