Over 20 Feared Dead Following Intra Communal Clahses In Western Lakes

At least over 20 people have been confirmed dead in different locations in Western Lakes State following clashes that erupted last week Thursday in Rumbek North between the Manuer and Gak communities.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 13 February 2018 [Gurtong]-Another clash between the Gony, Dhiei and Rup communities in Nyin-mangok on the same day also left fourteen people dead and dozens wounded.

The Minister of Information and Communication, Shadrack Bol Machok has urged the armed youth to cease further hostilities in Western Lakes State.

Machok said that the cause of fighting followed identification of looted cows by the rightful owners who are from Gony.

Chiefs from Rup Community also claimed that their people were ambushed and killed on the way in Kal-jok while they were travelling to Awai cattle camp.

“These people were coming from Rornhom heading to Awai cattle camp and when they reached Kal-jok, they found themselves ambushed in the evening and one person was killed,” said Chief Moses Matur.

Matur called upon the national army (SPLA) to speed up the process of collecting arms from the hands of the civil population to avoid further confrontations.

“We are tired of these arms, we want these arms to be collected and taken to Juba and everybody has to be told to go back to their original land. Because the cause of daily killings and revenge killing is due to population pressure on one particular area, but if people are forced to to go back to their territories, then the whole general situation and criminal activities will definitely reduce and everything will get back to normal in Western Lakes State,” said the Chief.


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