More Than 350,000 School Children To Benefit From Feeding Program

The minister of general education and instruction disclosed that more than 30,000 thousand children will benefit from the school feeding program this year.

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 01 March 2018 [Gurtong]-
The feeding program funded by the UN’s World Food Program South Sudan was initiated to empower and maintain children in schools.

South Sudan today joined the world to celebrate the Africa day of school feeding.

Speaking during the celebration in Juba, Deng Deng Hoc Yai, Minister of General Education and Instructions said the program has helped reduce absenteeism, improved academic performance and increased enrolment of pupils to school.

“This program has already benefited more than 350,000 children last year and we will continue to support the same number this year and to increase the number,” Hoc said.

The minister assured that his ministry will ensure that all learners in food insecure areas are given the food they need to be able to focus on their learning and achieve better learning outcomes.

Layer Angelo, one of the beneficiaries of the program believes the program is of value and renders a tremendous help to her as a learner.

“Your help keeps us in the schools, makes us vigilant to teaches, gives energy to do our activities happily,” she said.

UN’s World Food Program targets to serve more than 16.4 million children globally with partner governments supporting more 45,000 Million children worldwide.

Jesse Wood, Deputy Head of the School Feeding Program and representative of WFP during the event acknowledged South Sudan’s government welcoming and supporting the initiative.
“The next few months WFP will work with the government 0f South Sudan to transition the program to here, we will choose more than 380,000 children in more than 600 schools.” He said.

Wood added that the initiative is a key program to ensure children receive meals at school and allow them to learn.

Early 2017, UN declared hunger in some parts of South Sudan, with 45,000 people experiencing famine conditions in three counties of Unity State and Ayod County in Jonglei State.

The report indicates that 270,000 children were severely malnourished by February 2017.


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