HIV/AIDs And Hepatitis B Leading Causes Of Death in Yei River State

Health officials in Yei River State are concerned about the increasing death rates associated to HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis B in South Sudan’s Yei River State over the last two months.

HIV/AIDs And Hepatitis B Leading Causes Of Death in Yei River State

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 02 March 2018 [Gurtong] -
Doctor John Wani, Medical Director for Yei State Hospital said according to its monthly data record, HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B and tuberculosis were discovered as the major cause of deaths among the local population in the area.

“ What I want to say here is that the major causes of deaths recorded in the hospital are HIV, Hepatitis B, and TB this is so because many people report to the health facility for treatment at late stages where prescribed drugs could no longer withstand treatment” he added.

The health official is calling on the masses in the State to pay a visit to the hospital for voluntary blood examinations to know their health status and live a healthier life.

“Our health messages to the public are that come for free health counseling and testing so that you know your status. Once you have been tested positive with Hepatitis B or HIV/AIDs, you can be enrolled for treatment. The services we provide at the hospital are free of charge” Mr. Wani said.

The health official attributed the cause of the diseases to lack of awareness, inaccessibility to deliver or access health services due to the insecurity in major towns of the State and above all lack of funding for HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis programs in the State.

On his part, Yei River State minister of Health, Kogo Manase Levi is calling on the health partners operating in the State to offer support to the vulnerable population.

“Much as partners scale up efforts on Polio and Malaria prevention, HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis B are now a major life threat to the local population here. My appeal is that lets all join hands to help in curbing down the rate of these worst killer diseases affecting the poor people within the State.”

Mary Tabita a local resident in Yei town accesses both the government and the health partners for not sensitizing the population on these killer diseases.

“You can imagine, I have two of my family members infected with Hepatitis B and we don’t know the signs and preventive measures on this disease. We want the government and the health NGOs to begin informing the people in the churches, schools, markets, funeral places and the radio stations about the causes, dangers and prevention of these diseases because what we only heard was that Hepatitis can kill very fast unlike HIV/AIDs”  said Tabitha.


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