Egypt’s Foreign Minister Pays Visit To S. Sudan To Strengthen Relations

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, on Monday held a meeting with Presidents Salva Kiir to strengthen bilateral ties and encourage the peace process in the country.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Pays Visit To S. Sudan To Strengthen Relations
Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry© AP Photo/ Petros Karadjias]

By Charles Kay

JUBA, 12 March 2018 [Gurtong] –Sameh Shoukry, arrived the country with with logistical support such as printers, computers and laptops to be given to the National Dialogue Steering Committee to assist in the smooth running of their activities.

The Co-chair of the National Dialogue Steering Committee, Angello Beda, Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan, Dr. Ahmed Bahaa Mahmoud were present during the reception of the office equipment.

The National Dialogue Committee leadership weeks ago went to Egypt for a workshop facilitated by Cairo International for Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping and Egyptian Agency partnership for development through the embassy.
Minister Sameh Shoukry said Egypt has keenly followed the National Dialogue and has been supporting both materially and in building capacity believing that the current crisis can only be resolved through dialogue.

“Wide dialogues between all the participants can avoid military conflicts and regain unity. This can lead people to concentrate on development objectives,” He Said.

Shoukry added that Egypt will continue to empower South Sudan more so in the field of capacity building, provide agricultural and irrigation facilities and enhance the country’s abilities in education and in the medical fields.

On his part, Angelo Beda applauded the Egyptian government for the unconditional and continuous support to the country. He said the office items will do a lot in documenting the activities and progress of the National Dialogue.

Honorable Mary Bicensio Wani, Member of the National Dialogue Steering Committee said that the items received included, 50 laptops, 10 Printers, white board projectors, PA systems among others.

“We have data that was gathered by the subcommittees formed, these office equipments will help in documenting, analyzing and processing that data,” said Bisensio.

Meanwhile, Mayiik Ayii, minister in the office of the President said South Sudan appreciates the Egyptian government for their support.

“Egypt has welcomed thousands of our refugees and opened Universities and higher institutions for many of our students learning in Egypt.” He explained.

This is the Egyptian foreign minister's first visit to South Sudan since 2015.

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