Yei Governor Raises Flag In Lasu Payam

The Governor of Yei River State Emmanuel Adil Anthony last week raised a new State and the national government flags in Lasu Payam headquarters, the current temporary headquarters for Otogo County.

Yei Governor Raises Flag In Lasu Payam
Yei River state Government officials raising a flag at Lasu Payam headquaters, [Gurtong photo by Daniel Friday Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 23 April 2018 [Gurtong] –
Since the conflict spread to Yei River State region in 2016, Lasu Payam remained under the control of the SPLA-IO before the government regained control of the area late last year.

Addressing hundreds of residents in Lasu Payam headquarters last Friday, Yei River Governor Emmanuel Adil said the main purpose of reaching out to the people in Lasu Payam was to consolidate and strengthen peaceful co-existence among communities.

“I have come here to tell you that we are for peace, we are not coming here to fight with our brothers and sisters who have taken arms against the government, I also need to take this chance to tell you that the government is now with you, we have our full presence as you have seen the flag has been raised up after some years of staying without a government” said Adil.

“We are tired of this two years war, we now need to reconcile, bring our communities under one umbrella through peace and unity and enough is enough it’s time for us to forgive and work for reconstruction of our communities. War is bad, it destroys our lives, properties and our social cohesion” said the Governor.

Adil says his government is committed to bring about peace to the people of Lasu Payam through dialogue with the armed opposition. “We have signed a grass root peace deal with the opposition and I want to tell our brothers and sisters who have taken up arms to join the grass root peace deal so that peace and stability returns to the people of Yei River State” he said.

He added that his government is working hard to ensure that civilians are protected and services delivered to the vulnerable suffering population in the area.

“The solders here are meant to protect you but not to fight you or the armed opposition. I have also noticed many of you are suffering without access to food, education and health services, but I also want to tell you that the Government is working very hard together with the humanitarian organization so that food and medical services are delivered to you” he added.

Meanwhile Esther Jamba a 68 year old woman in Lasu Payam thanked the Yei Governor for his visit to the area and appealed to the State leadership to deliver humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable population.

“I don’t have much to say but I am too excited for the coming of the Governor for the first time to the area. We as locals here, we are suffering, we don’t have medicines, we don’t have functional schools here, we drink water from running rivers and my appeal is that led the government look into our suffering” he concluded.

For his part, Lasu Payam Member of Parliament, Daniel Lokoroto says the fighting in the Payam has greatly affected the lives of the people. Lokoroto calls on the armed opposition to end the war so that the poor people in the rural area can access medication, education, clean drinking water and protection of the civilians.

“Let’s come back into our senses as sons and daughters of Lasu Payam. We need peace so that our civil population can go to school, get clean drinking water, medical services and return to the development of the area” said MP Lokoroto.


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