UNMISS Acknowledges Return Of Over 10,000 Wau Displaced Persons To Their Homes

UNMISS in Wau State says it has witnessed relatively the return of Displaced Persons sheltering near its base and all the collective sites to their homes.

UNMISS Acknowledges Return Of Over 10,000 Wau Displaced Persons To Their Homes
UNMISS PoC site in Wau [Gurtong photo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 15 May 2018 [Gurtong]-The remarks were made on Wednesday during a workshop organized by the CEPO civil society organization in Wau.

The workshop aimed at building confidence and trust between the organized forces, the community and the IDPs to create a favourable environment for IDPs to return normally to their homes.

UNIMSS Wau State Filed officer, Sam Mwamur during the occasion said, “At some points, we have 39,000 IDPs in the PoC area in UNMISS and had also a quite big number in the collective sites but as a result of those effort, we have seen the number reduce progressively,” he said.

His said the camp is now left with only about 20, 000 people while the rest have returned to their homes.

“Just a little about 20,000. So there has been a reduction of almost half thanks to the efforts of everybody led by the government to create an enabling environment in the city for the people to return.”

As the State experienced the return of the displaced persons to their homes, Wau State Governor, Angelo Taban urged the displaced persons to always attend such encouraging workshops involving the SPLA forces for a comprehensive dialogue.

“The leaders of those sheltering at the protection sites, I need you every time to come together like what you have done now. Through CEPO invitation which got an opportunity from UNMISS which is helping you there and has given you accommodation in the place where you stay there, come and listen to your leaders outside, the security, the men who you are afraid of,” said

“Come to listen to them and tell them why you fear them such that they can respond to you. They can respond to you. This is my message to our community at the PoC,” he added.


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