Western Lakes State Governor Relieves 9 Ministers And 7 MPs

The Governor of Western Lakes State, Major General, Matur Chut Dhuol last Friday issued a Gubernatorial decree relieving all Ministers, MPs and Commissioners.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 27 July 2018 [Gurtong]-
Ministers and Commissioners relieved:-

1-    Shadrack Bol Machok , Minister for Information and Communication
2-    Kuol Daniel Ayilo , Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
3-    Mading Akol Anyar , Minister of Health
4-    Kedit Madol Kedit, Minister of Physical Infrastructure
5-    Majak Ror Magok, Minister of Animal Resource and Fisheries
6-    Stephen Mathiang Deng Monydit, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
7-    Sabit John Magok , Minister of Social Development and Child Welfare
8-    Dut Makoi Kuok, Minister of Education
9-    John Thon Kuat Chol Maker, Minister of Culture Youth and Sports.
10-    Mangar Matoc Machar, Commissioner of State Headquarters.
11-    Dhieu Mading ,Commissioner of Paloch County

Western Lakes State MPS:-

1-    Marik Nanga Marik, former Speaker of Western Lakes State legislative assembly
2-    David Kockedhia Puondak, MP WLSLA
3-    Zeckariah Magot Ater Aguai, MP WLSLA
4-    Martha Atiriu Mamer, MP WLSLA
5-    Isaac Makur Buoc Apac, MP WLSLA
6-    Marial Machar Aweckoc, MP WLSLA
7-    Mabor Ater Dhuol , former SPLM State Secretary and Member of WLSLA

The Governor also issued another separate gubernatorial decree appointing Deputy Speaker, Chol Kuotwil  Manhom as Acting Speaker of Western Lakes State Legislative Assembly.


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