“Free Our Brothers And Sisters That You Abducted,” Tore County Residents Appealing To Rebels

Local residents and community leaders in Tore County of Yei River State are appealing to SPLA-IO rebel commander Emmanuel Ghadi to free their brothers and sisters who were abducted and their living conditions unknown.

“Free Our Brothers And Sisters That You Abducted,” Tore County Residents Appealing To Rebels
Tore community members pose for a photo [Gurtong photo|Daniel Friday]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 13 August 2018 [Gurtong] –
The local residents said their family members were abducted from Jansuk Boma north of Yei town late last month and have lost communication with them.

Justin Mohamed Morsal the head Chief of Rosal Boma in Tore County has expressed disappointment over the abduction of the 35 civilians. Mohamed said among those abducted included nineteen women, elders and some youth rounded up from their gardens and houses.

Mohamed is appealing to the opposition forces to free the civilians and remain committed to the full implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement and the peace agreement on governance and security signed in the Sudanese capital Khartoum recently.

“I am very upset because these are mere peasants who have nothing to do with politics arrested and detained in unknown places. The peace agreement has been signed and I am appealing to the fighters to respect and protect the civil population” he added.

Yasser Agole Francis a resident in Tore County also added his voice and called on the armed opposition to free the men and women abducted unconditionally.

“We were told that commander Emmanuel Ghadi is demanding 7,000 SSP from each abductee before being freed. These are poor people with no money under the worst economic situation. We were also told that the old and the young women were subjected to hard labor cultivating and harvesting crops like slaves. This is against human rights and we call for their unconditional release” Agole stressed.

David Taban Millado is a youth leader in Tore County. “These are mere civilians and we are appealing to the opposition, the people of Tore are for peace, we want total peace and we want these people to be released as soon as possible” he said.

Azariah Khamis Noah is a community intellectual who hails from Tore County. He said it’s time for both the opposition and the government to fully recommit to civilian protection and implementation of the peace accord.

Azariah called on South Sudanese politicians to embrace the culture of peace, avoid tribalism and unite for the good of the common people and the country. He called on UNMISS and CTSAMM human rights bodies to intervene on the matter.

“I am appealing to the commander in charge of the rebels there to kindly release the civilians because we want peace. I would like to call on the human rights bodies like UNMISS and CTSAMM to look into this issue and visit the rebel commander and talk to him to release these civilians because they are really suffering” he added.

Joice Awadia Boyi a community counselor in Tore County begs on Emmanuel Ghadi to release the 35 abductees.

“My Message should go direct to SPLA-IO leader Riak Machar.  Women still continue to suffer at the grass roots. Women undergo painful rape, torture, murder. We don’t know whether those people are safe or have been killed or subjected to in human treatment. We are tired we want real peace now so that our suffering can come to an end” Awadia concluded.

For his part, Tore County Commissioner, Martin Mullai Godo said his leadership is coordinating with community and religious leaders to ensure that the abductees are safely released. Mullai condemned the abduction and appealed to the SPLA-IO commander to consider unconditional release of the 35 civilians.

“We people of Tore don’t want fight. We have been in peace with all communities. I have formed a task force committee to engage on amicable release of the abductees. We are for peace and we should be in peace with one another” he revealed.

Last week, Yei River State Information Minister, Alfred Kennedy Duku told the local press in Yei that the 35 civilians were abducted by the SPLA-IO forces. Duku condemned the act and also called for unconditional release of the civilians under the detention of the SPLA-IO.

“We as a State government condemn the act in the strongest terms possible and urges for immediate and unconditional release of the 35 civilians. We equally call on the armed opposition forces to fully commit to the full implementation of the ceasefire, cessation of hostilities and governance and security agreements signed in Khartoum” said the Minister in a statement.

Responding to the concerns raised by the Tore Community, Wayi Godwil a rebel told Gurtong during an interview on Saturday that, his office is not aware of the allegations leveled against his ground force commander Emmanuel Ghadi.

“We are not aware of all these allegations, we will investigate this issue and if found true will immediately release them and if not true we will also respond accordingly. The SPLA-IO forces are very friendly to the people and we are not against them” he added.

Wayi stressed that the SPLA-IO forces and its leadership fully remain committed to the implementation of ceasefire agreement and all the Khartoum protocols.


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