Indian Battalion Organizes Training On Vegetable Farming In Malakal

The Indian Battalion located in Malakal, South Sudan in coordination with Civil Affairs Division (UNMISS) conducted a skill development training on ‘Vegetable Farming’ for women and youth of POC site and Malakal town on 17 Aug 2018.

Indian Battalion Organizes Training On Vegetable Farming In Malakal
Women in Malakal being trained the skills of vegetable farming [Courtesy|UNMISS]

MALAKAL, 23 August 2018 [Gurtong]-The ultimate goal of the project for livelihood is to create leverage to empower women and enhance their ability to play an active role to build a socially cohesive society and play an active role in peace building.

The training was conducted in the farm of the Agriculture Ministry of Central Upper Nile State, located at the bank of the Nile river. Contribution from the local population also came in the form of land preparation and availability of local manure. The event was adorned with the presence of His Grace, Bishop Hillary Garang Deng, Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Malakal).

The event kicked off with prayers for peace and harmony conducted by the His Grace the Bishop. The skills of making panchgavya (bio-fertilizer), sowing of seeds, ox-ploughing and composting/vermicomposting were demonstrated to the trainees by using audio-visual aid and equipment followed by skill-based exercises through active participation and involvement.  

The purpose of the training was to build and develop capacity in communities, enabling them to analyse their production systems, identify problems, test possible solutions and adapt the most suitable farming practices. One of the trainees said, “I never thought I would be learning to farm with oxen. We generally do not utilise the oxen for ploughing. Now we can employ our animals for the farming activities.”

The reference booklets on “Vegetable Farming” and “Composting/Vermicomposting” prepared by the team of the Indian peacekeepers were distributed to the agriculture ministry as ready reckoner.

The Indian peacekeepers also donated fabricated ox-plough to the ministry for their use. The Director General of the Agriculture Ministry said, “We are thankful to UNMISS peacekeepers for conducting the training for skilled and improved vegetable farming. We also express our heartfelt gratitude to the Indian battalion for providing the booklets and ox-plough to the Ministry.”

At the end, the seeds of the vegetables were also distributed to the participants of the event to ensure livelihood through input support.

The event witnessed the great zeal and involvement of women of POC and Malakal town who wanted to ensure better livelihood for themselves and their families. In the process of the training, support was also given to the women to engage in dialogue and build intercultural communication and interpersonal relations skills.

In his concluding remarks, the Bishop said, “The initiative taken by UNMISS will not only inspire women and youth to return and resume their farming activities to enhance their self-sufficiency but at the same time it will promote the culture of peaceful co-existence amongst youth and women of Malakal POC and Malakal town.”


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