Full Implementation Of The Peace Deal Will Restore Hope In S. Sudan

The Deputy Governor of Northern Liech State, Laraka Machar Turoal has said that if the current peace agreement is fully implemented in South Sudan it will restore hope and reunite communities.

Full Implementation Of The Peace Deal Will Restore Hope In S. Sudan
The Deputy Governor of Northern Liech State, Laraka Machar Turoal [Gurtong photo|Luk Riek]

By Luk Riek

BENTIU, 03 September 2018 [Gurtong]-South Sudan opposition leader Dr Riek Machar last Thursday evening signed the Preliminary Peace Agreement days after initially refusing to sign it.
The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) which also refused to sign the deal also signed, meaning all the parties and stakeholders to the peace talks signed the initial peace agreement.

The parties will now start development of the implementation Matrix for the agreement, before its endorsement by IGAD Heads of States and Government.

Turoal said that agriculture will thrive again following the peace deal as the people who were displaced will return to their homes and begin to live their normal lives once again.

“Our people have suffered a lot during the nearly five years of conflict and the services the government was to offer has not been there. However, now we are optimistic that if the peace agreement is signed, people who are still in the protection of civilian’s sites will return to their villages and all services needed will be provide by the government.”

He further said that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that peace prevails in the country.
“I urge the people of South Sudan to be peace loving, patriotic and God-fearing people to embrace this peace. It is our collective responsibility to accept peace and welcome back our brothers who will be coming back for the sake of peace and rebuild our nation together” stressed Turoal.

He said that cattle raiding, criminal activities by armed elements also contributed to the insecurity in South Sudan.

Turoal said that the government in Bentiu is working towards spreading the messages of peace and sensitizing communities on the resolutions of a just concluded peace conference attended by bordering States.

“Recently we had a fruitful peace conference attended by the bordering States of Northern corridors in Kuajock, it was very successful. The government of Northern Liech State has dispatched all the County Commissioners along the border line to the cattle camps sensitizing the youth about the resolutions and actions to be taken against anyone who will violate it”.

Bentiu is among the most affected areas in South Sudan by the conflict where majority of the residents are still living in the UN protection of civilian sites waiting for durable peace to return home.


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