Wani Igga Holding Series Of Rallies In Yei River State To Promote Peace

South Sudan’s Vice President, James Wani Igga is in Yei town holding series of rallies aimed at promoting the revitalized peace agreement signed by all the warring parties on the 12th of September 2018 in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa.

Wani Igga Holding Series Of Rallies In Yei River State To Promote Peace
James Wani Igga Speaking to the masses in Yei town [Photo|Daniel Friday Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 08 November 2018 [Gurtong]-Igga told attendance at his public rally at the Yei freedom square, Yei Youth gardens and the Parliament that, the government and other opposition parties who inked the revitalized peace agreement are committed to the full implementation of the peace agreement.

“There are other people doubting that the peace agreement has not been signed. I want to tell you that we came here with some members of the opposition officials represented by Julius Tabule, the deputy chairman of NAS. I also need to tell you that we as the government and the opposition parties are fully committed to implement this peace agreement in letter and spirit,” said the Vice President.

He also said his visit to Yei town is to create confidence and trust in the government that peace has been signed and that there is no more war in the country.

He called on the other opposition groups still hiding in the bushes of South Sudan to return home and join the peace process to end the suffering of the citizens.

“Our civilians in Yei town tell our brothers and sons who failed to sign the peace agreement to come home and join us in the peace agreement during the cantonment process. We should not continue to kill ourselves because peace has been signed. The rest of the things not included in the peace agreement will be considered and we will address. Once the process of the training of the forces is done, all the forces will be integrated to the army, police, wild life and the prison services as one national force” said Igga.

Meanwhile, Rufas Dedi, a local resident in Yei town has appealed to the South Sudanese leaders to sincerely and whole heartedly implement the peace agreement.

“I am very happy seeing Vice President James Wani Igga moving and talking to the civilians and the organized forces in Yei town freely. We are very happy that they are disseminating and talking the language of peace after two years of war that has badly affected Yei River State. On our side as civilians we are ready to forgive and reconcile with one another but we want our leaders to be exemplary to the citizens and implement the peace agreement because we have suffered far too long” said Rufas Dedi.

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