Community Leaders Urge State To Support Cultural Events

Community leaders in Yei River County are calling on the Yei River State government to support and promote cultural activities such as dance in a bid to promote peaceful co-existence in the area.

Community Leaders Urge State To Support Cultural Events
A group of traditional dancers march at Yei freedom square [Gurtong file photo]

By Daniel Friday

YEI, 11 December 2018 [Gurtong]
-Matur Apac, a community leader in Yei said performing cultural activities such as traditional dances in open spaces like in Yei freedom square will help to unite and bring communities together.

“We have diverse communities in Yei and these communities are not put into use through the traditional talent shows to bring peace and restore our social fabric. I believe once the Yei government can support such activities in Yei, peace and peaceful co-existence will roll out very fast in this town.”

David Bala another community leader in Yei County also supports the idea. He believes promoting cultural events through local traditional dances will create peace and unity among communities.

“ My appeal to our communities is that lets promote peace in whatever way we can either being through cultural dances or music let’s do it so that we promote peaceful co-existence in our communities.”

Hillary Garison another community leader from Eastern Equatoria said promoting cultural shows once in a month will help to boost unity and reduce tension over community issues.
“We are one people and one country. Promoting cultural events like dances will greatly change the mind sets of the people from violence into peacemaking. Coming together means socializing and socializing means creating good relationship and creating good relationship means peace.”

A senior State official said in the Directorate of Culture and Heritage who is not authorized to speak to the media said the ministry of information, youth, culture and sports is working hard to develop plans to promote peaceful co-existence through traditional cultural event galleries.

“Yei is very rich when it comes to cultural shows, there are 64 tribes here and I believe they are still here. We are setting up strategies to activate cultural activities promote peace, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence in the area” the official added.


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