South Sudanese Refugees In Bidi-Bidi Camp Receive Food From WFP After Riots

South Sudanese refugees camping at Bidi-Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda have begun receiving food ratios after violent riots some two weeks ago.

South Sudanese Refugees In Bidi-Bidi Camp Receive Food From WFP After Riots
South sudanese refugees receiving food ratios in Bidi-Bidi camp in Northern Uganda [Photo|Daniel Friday]

By Daniel Friday Martin

ARUA, 03 January 2019[Gurtong]-The Refugees demonstrated against WFP’s decision to merge their food distribution centers to far locations which angered the refugees leading to them burning the WFP’s offices.

Speaking to Gurtong from Bidi-Bidi camp, Aligo Isaac a refugee said he and others are very happy with WF’s decision for having considered their demands.

“I am so happy because WFP has considered our peaceful demonstration and right now we are receiving our food ration from the previous locations” he added.

Another refugee who identified himself only as Thomas said he celebrated the New Year’s Eve in peace because his family got some food.

“I am happy because they brought food to my zone. We will continue to fight for our rights until our demands are addressed as refugees. We have celebrated the New Year in peace” said Thomas.

Lasu Moses Christopher another refugee said the community within Bidi-Bidi will cooperate and work together with the WFP in ensuring that that the food ratios are distributed to all the refugees without any chaos.

“The community is happy because the food distribution is being done at areas closer to the people. We will work together and ensure that all the refugees get their rations peacefully” he added.  

Keji Jean another refugee said women who have been crying and struggling to get food for their children will have less stress for the next three months in the camp.

“When I saw the WFP tracks being off loaded with some bags of maize grains, I felt happy and thankful to God because our suffering will come to rest for a while. I want to give thanks to WFP and OPM officials for being with us amidst hard times” Keji said.

UNHCR Uganda estimated the number of South Sudanese refugees living in Bidi-Bidi camp at 223,000 individuals as per the 2018 statistics.


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