Residents Of Lokoloko Area In Wau Town Raise Concerns Over Lack Of Clean Drinking Water

Residents of Lokoloko in Wau town have raised concerns over the shortage of clean drinking water in the area.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 08, Janauary 2019 [Gurtong] - This comes after the area witnessed a high return of displaced Persons who were sheltering at the protection of civil sites within the town.

“The issue of water is difficult for us and if possible, we need a quick solution to it,” said one of the women who were fetching water in one of the hand pumps in the area.

 The area Chief resident, Juma Mathar said the problem of water has been officially reported to the authority concerned in the area.

“We have raised our complaint to the concerned authority and they are helping us in repairing the hand pumps. But even so we still need additional hand pumps because this year, the water
issue is difficult, we are calling upon them to come and help us,” said Mathar.

Meanwhile, responding to the matter, Wau State Governor, Angelo Taban said water projects in the State are being launched and the problem will soon be fixed.

“There is water but it cannot cover the whole town because the source of clean water is now very limited. We have other challenges of which now the engineers and the technicians are now working on it and very soon it will be fixed and we will have clean water for the
people in Wau town in every corner,” said the Governor.

Since the signing of the peace agreement late last year there has been an increase of displaced persons returning. Those who were residing at the protection of civilian sites are voluntarily returning to their homes.


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