Jonglei Women Association In Australia Donates Medical Equipment To Bor State Hospital

Jonglei State Women Association in Australia has donated eight medical machines to Bor State Hospital.

By Jo Ngong Akau

BOR, 10 January, 2019 [Gurtong]-The chairlady of the association, Teresa Reech handed over the medical equipment to the hospital on Tuesday morning.

She said the machines donated include ultra-sound machines to be used in the maternity ward.

“We have also handed the two blood analysis machines for the kids to the State hospital. We have donated the automated external defibrillator, or AEDs that analyzes the heart electrical activity and can give a life-saving electric shock to the chest of a person who has collapsed from cardiac arrest,” said Reech.

Magok Aluong, the Director for Administration and Finance at Bor state Hospital appreciated the donation made by the women association in Australia saying that the medical equipment will help the population living in and around Bor.


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