South Sudanese Musician Advocates For Human Rights And Peace Through His Songs

South Sudanese Musician Advocates For Human Rights And Peace Through His Songs
South Sudanase musician, Franko Emmanuel [Photo|Daniel Friday]

By Daniel Friday Martin

ARUA, 14 January 2018 [Gurtong]
-A south Sudanese singer Franko Emmanuel commonly known as Honey Frank by his stage name has turned his music songs advocating for respect for human rights and peace across South Sudanese refugee communities living in Uganda.

Speaking to Gurtong during a one on one interview, Franko said he decided to change from singing love songs to peace and human rights issues because many vulnerable South Sudanese living in several refugee camps are undergoing unbearable challenges without their rights being respected by agencies operating in the camps and South Sudanese leaders back home.

“I have the heart for the people who are voiceless and I believe that through music I can stand and speak on their behalf so that their grievances be listened to.”

Frank said he has produced three songs entitled “Towili Yolo Meme” a song sang in Kakwa literally meaning my “heart is in pain.”

“The refugees are most often cueing up under the sun to receive food ratios, feeding on the same meals on daily basis and living in the refugee camps with limited access to clean water and medical care.”

Frank said the song was meant to tell South Sudanese leaders including the rebels to stop the fight and reflect on the suffering of hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees in the camp.

In his second song Frank said he produced a song entitled “nan mindi witeji bot” meaning I want to return home.

“This song was also directed to the South Sudanese leaders to embrace peace and implement the signed peace deal because many South Sudanese would want to go home once there is peace” he added.

Frank said in his recent song focuses on some of the challenges facing refugees in the camps.

“Many of us are suffering without access to medical care including simple access to paracetamols and also clean water and food. In this song I am targeting the humanitarian workers to address the challenges facing the refugees” he stressed.

He continued saying reconciliation and forgiveness as well as protection of the girl child is highly needed to restore hope and confidence in young people.

“I and other musicians as well as other organizations are working hard to promote peaceful co-existence, unity reconciliation and forgiveness among South Sudanese communities” he added.

There are nearly one million South Sudanese refugee living in various refugee camps in Uganda according to statistics from the office of the Prime Minister (OPM)


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