Drama For Trauma Healing In Rumbek

Sowing Seeds of Peace Initiative (SSPI) and South Sudan Council of Churches organized trauma and healing awareness in Rumbek, supported by System to Uphold the Credibility and Constitutionality of Elections in South Sudan (USAID-SUCCESS).

Drama For Trauma Healing In Rumbek
Drama on Trauma Healing ,Actors and actress. [Photo by Mabor Riak Magok]

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek, 24th/01/2019 [Gurtong] - Addressing over one hundred attendees at Rumbek Civic Engagement Centre (RECE) during awareness raising on Trauma and Healing, the head of the drama group from Sowing Seeds of Peace Initiative (SSPI), Abraham Chol Gai, said that the reason for organizing the trauma and healing drama is to discourage bad practices and bring peace and reconciliation to the communities of Western Lakes State.

“We want to achieve peace by urging everybody to be in peace and harmony and reconciled. We want everybody with wounds inside them to get healed and remain in peace without any trauma left”.

Gai said we need people to be healthy by receiving healing through drama, instead of continuing to do harm to themselves and the community.

He said they are targeting the youth, women, girls and every individual in the community that is having trauma, particularly persons that have been clearly traumatized by violence.

Elizabeth Nyanalier Mawat, an actress for Trauma and Healing Awareness Program, said in her message to the community that she wants to see armed youth disarm in Western Lakes State, so that women are free from rape and innocent lives are protected in the community.

“Our drama today focuses on how to prevent rapes of women and young girls while travelling, showing them how sad and painful whenever a woman is raped by unknown person at gun point”, she said.

She pointed out that there is another new mentality, where the armed youth think that they want to discipline women and girls by raping them at gunpoint.

“Raping women and girls by the armed youth has greatly affected the livelihood of women around the country and this needs the government to do everything possible to disarm and discipline the youth, so that free movement of travellers and safety of women and young girls is granted as a right”, said Nyanalier.

Reverence Elijah Magel Manhom of the South Sudan Council of Churches said that they talk about trauma and resilience to the community and that this program is based and supported by USAID-SUCCESS at Rumbek Civic Engagement Centre (RCEC).

“This program on trauma and healing has attracted about one hundred attendees who watch and listened to dramatized trauma and healing awareness. We also invited all the stakeholders which includes representative from the churches, youth, women and students from various schools in Rumbek”, said Elijah Magel
Magel also explained that “there are various reasons we are targeting the youth and young girls because they belong to the community and at the same time they are the stakeholders of civil society organizations. They are the ones who can take the positive messages on trauma awareness and resilience to the population in Western Lakes State.

“What causesdTrauma”, Magel said, “is war and intra-communal conflicts, and these need our collective intervention and prevention as stakeholders of this community”.

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