Loriyok-Chukudum Road Construction Resumes

TORIT, May 28 (Gurtong) – Construction of the Loriyok-Chukudum road has resumed after it stalled a fortnight ago.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

Eastern Equatoria State Governor Brigadier General Aloisio Emor Ojetuk led a delegation of State Government officials to officially launch the exercise late last week in Budi County.

Construction of the road stalled following disputes between the contactor and the locals over land, with the community saying that “the road was too wide”.

Brigadier Ojetuk commended the three Budi legislators, Lucy Yaya, David Nyangamoi and Peter Longole for working with the community in road construction projects, adding that this was a clear manifestation of advancing the vision of the late SPLM leader, Dr John Garang who said; “take towns to the people and not the people to the towns”.

He added that after a consultative meeting late last year, it was agreed that funds allocated to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Budi County be used to finance the construction of the road that will connect it to other counties within the state.

The Governor revealed that upon the completion of the construction of the Loriyok-Chukudum road, the Loriyok-Napak road passing through Kimotong Payam will be next.

He appealed to the community to embrace the project as their own and contribute towards its successful completion.

The Budi community thanked the Government for the initiative, saying that for a long time most roads in the county have been in deplorable conditions.

They appealed to the Government to open up other communication lines in the county to connect all the current seven Payams.

The Loriyok-Chukudum road intersects the Juba- Lokichoggio highway and once completed, will boost trade in the County.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Equatoria State authorities led by the Governor Brigadier Ojetuk opened the newly-built Loriyok Primary School in Budi County on Saturday 23 May.

Officials who spoke one after the other advised the local community to utilise the school and enroll their children as it would shape their future and the future of South Sudan in general.

The school had been operational for a while as it awaited an official inauguration by the Government.


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