State Governor Dismissed Entire Cabinet and Commissioners

"The governor did not make any replacement for those dismissed".

By Mabor Riak Magok
Rumbek, 19/03/2019 (Gurtong)- The governor of Western Lakes State Hon. Deng Mamer Yuol, issued gubernatorial decree on last Monday, relieving the entire cabinet, advisors, commissioners and technical advisors in the government of Western Lakes State as here under:-
State Governor Advisors:
1-    Hon. Andrea Mabor Biar Political Advisor
2-    Hon. Benjamin Akol Muorwil Security Advisor
3-    Hon. Kau Dot economic Advisor
State Cabinet Ministers:
1-    Hon. Isaac Majak Ror Minister for Information and communication
2-    Hon. Kedit Madol Kedit Minister of Physical Infrastructure
3-    Hon. Sabit John Magok minister of Agriculture and forestry
4-    Hon. Martin Ngula Simon Minister of Animal resource and fisheries
5-    Hon. Wol Agany Madhek minister of culture Youth and Sport
6-    Hon. John Thon Kuat minister of social welfare
7-    Hon. Gum Ater Anyol commissioner of state headquarters
State Technical Advisors and Consultants:
1.     Mr. Dut Malual Arop consultant
2.     Dr. Makander Makech technical advisor in the state ministry of Health
3.  Mr. Samuel Mabor Kedit technical advisor in the state ministry of local government
4.     Mr.Waiwai Ali Mareng technical advisor in the state ministry of education
5.  Mr. Kaman Matur Ajac technical advisor in the state ministry of physical infrastructure
6.  Mr. Paul Madit Maluac technical advisor in the state ministry of social welfare
7.     Mr. Abednego Majak Barkuei technical advisor
8.      Mr. Nikemia Ater Toric consultant
9.     Mr. Alpayo Manyang Kuctiel consultant on religious Affairs
10. Mr. Mayom Athian Deng consultant on religious affairs
State border advisors:
1.     Mr. Difala Rajab Manyang border advisor  
2.     Mr. Madit Guol Riak border advisor
3.     Mr. Peter Mayen Chieny border advisor
4.     Mr. Machar Mamer Yuol border advisor
5.     Mr. Mabor Paul Kordit border advisor
State County commissioners:
1.     Hon. Manyiel Riak Manyiel Rumbek County Commissioner
2.     Hon. Abednego Degur Wulu County Commissioner
3.     Hon. Sunday Ater Malith Malek County Commissioner
4.     Hon. Samuel Mabor Deng Malueth County Commissioner
5.     Hon. Mading Madheng Der Western Bahr el Naam County commissioner
6. Hon. Benjamin Mayom Dewang Eastern Bahr el Naam County Commissioner
7.     Hon. Adhel Jok Dau Paloc County Commissioner
8.     Hon. Santino Adong Kelotuol Meen County Commissioner
9.     Hon. Mawet Manuer Kok Amongpiny County Commissioner
10. Hon. Khamis Maguen Makak Bargel County Commissioner
11. Hon. Ruben Makur Kucdit Alor County Commissioner


The governor did not make any replacement for those dismissed. 
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