Rift Valley Institute Field Courses 2019


The Rift Valley Institute (RVI) is an independent, non-profit organisation working in eastern and central Africa. The aims of the Institute are to advance understanding of the region and its diverse communities, connect local knowledge to social and political action, defend freedom of information and promote social justice. RVI programmes include action-oriented research, field-based training, digital archives, distance learning and open-access publishing.



• Intensive, week-long training on the current political, social and economic landscape of the region—invaluable for those working in and on the region.
• Learning delivered through a syllabus of lectures, seminar groups, panel discussions and debates—teaching equivalent to a full university term (three US course credits).

• Taught by teams of leading specialists—academics, researchers and development practitioners.

• Access to an extended professional and personal network including key regional and international experts as well as fellow colleagues working in the region, in similar areas of expertise.


  • Governments—from diplomatic, defence, aid and trade departments.
  • Multilateral organisations—EU, IGAD, NATO, UN agencies including OCHA, UNDP, UNHCR, UNEP.
  • iNGOs & Civil Society—Oxfam, ICR, HRW, OSF, MSF, Safeworld, Trocaire.
  • Researchers—From universities, Chatham House, ICG, Adam Smith Institute.
  • Private Sector organisations— KPMG, Proseco, Adam Smith International.


  • All courses will be held in Sagana, Kenya.
  • The cost of each course is USD 4,250. This covers tuition fees, six nights’ full board and accommodation, special excursions, local transport and advance course literature. Flights and visas are not included.
  • Please apply online at www.riftvalley.net. For more information contact us via Email: courses@riftvalley.net

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