Legislator Vows To Sue Humanitarian Agencies Over Kuajiena Situation

"Since the conflict erupted in March 2019 between local farmers and cattle keepers from neighbouring Tonj state, thousands of civilians have sought a protection within Kuajiena town".

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 18, April, 2019 [GURTONG] - The member of parliament for Kuajiena County in Wau State Legislative Assembly has vowed to sue humanitarian agencies operating in the state.

Speaking to Eye Radio today, Hon Peter Upieu said his decision was triggered by a long delay by the agencies to intervene with the humanitarian needs to the displaced people in the county.

Upieu said since on the 6th March, when the conflict started with the displaced civilians sheltering under tress in the county headquarter, no assistance has reached the people there while situation is worsening.

“Since 6th of March, almost two months now, the humanitarian organizations are delaying in responding to the situation to help the people. Sometimes they say tomorrow or next tomorrow because they are still doing assessment. Sometime they say there is insecurity but am not seeing the reason why they are delaying humanitarian help to the civilians that have sheltered in Kuajiena. Am sure that all the organizations have gone there and they have made their assessment,” said Peter

“We are seeing this as a delay tactics because the government is emptying the Protection Of Civilians (POCs) centres, such that everybody return to their homes, such that no one remains at the protection sites; but up to now 3-4 percent of Kuajiena population have reached POC and as an MP, I will not accept my people to be in POC,” he added.

“I made it clear and am going to repeat it again because I spoke to UN four days ago, am going to open a case against them because there is a teacher who died as a result because his children were hungry and he was going to search for food and he was killed on the road. The rains are going to come any time now and children sheltering under trees are going to die; that’s the reason I am going to open court case against UN humanitarian agencies.”

The MP also said many people from his county are fleeing to UN POC in Wau Town as a result of lack of food and other basic needs.

Since the conflict erupted in March 2019 between local farmers and cattle keepers from neighbouring Tonj state, thousands of civilians 
have sought a protection within Kuajiena town. 
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