Abyei: Open Letter To Altayib Mustafa On D. Alor’s Appointment

"South Sudan and Sudan shall one day live side by side as loving, sisterly countries, but first, Islamits must leave Islam alone to self perpetuate through its principles."

By Dr Raphael Abiem

Subject: Appointment of Deng Alor by President Salva Kirr to handle the Abyei File.
Dear Mr. Mustafa,

I commend you for holding fast to your freedom. If you would heed my advice, cherish what remains of it. You are believed to have ordered the massacres of children in Khartoum, but here you are, still at large. Even this, despite the depth of your half mangled State, will wane, but you will too.

Reason is fast taking roots in the Sudan. By the time your hallowed, 30 year-Islamic State gives up it's last ghost, the entire Sudan will have been well fertilized, ready to grow atheism as its yield. Don’t say you were not warned against excessive religious zealotry. Allah, in 59 Al-Imran says:

“It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them
Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from
About thee…”

Now, your young, the generation of algorithms and chips, are fleeing from the presence of people like you, Mustafa. Abyei is where it is partly, because that is who they are: South Sudanese.

More relevant is the fact that, historically, Sudan has treated them inhumanely and to date. They were left no option but to seek to break away. Allah, your God, confirms in the Quran they are right.

Please read your Quran with understanding. Nothing has suffered under the rule of Islamists more than Islam itself. Thieves have used it to steal. Criminals have shed innocent blood while witnessing to the oneness of God. Even rapists, the lowest of all lows, in the midst of consummating their lust, have uttered the sacred name, unabashed. Blame them not. That is what they were taught; and same they have acted.

In condemning the appointment of Deng Alor, you begin by discrediting him for abandoning Islam. If ever he were one and he choses to turn away from Islam, I hope you now understand why. If you do, prepare yourself to assume a seat in hell for turning multitudes away from Islam. Forget where Deng Alor will be in the hereafter; attend first to your folks, now fleeing Islam in multitudes after witnessing, firsthand, what Islamists are capable of doing using the Qur’an as key.

Mustafa, recent massacres in Khartoum are compelling revision of all ideas previously held sacred. The thick veil cast in the face of merciful, lady Faith, is lifted and truth is incrementally revealing.

Mustafa, South Sudan is an independent country now, limping, but will one day stand tall literally and figuratively. Unbeknownst to most, we are grateful to you and fellow Muslim Brother too for consciously spewing South Sudan out of the country as unsavory.

Here is what you did: On 24, December 2010, you said: "We Will Celebrate the Cessation of South Sudan".

Then added, as all hypocrites would do, "Praise be to Allah, what we have repeatedly asked for, has at long last materialized, praise Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate.”

Thus you handed the scissors over to South Sudan so it appears they unilaterally chose to cut themselves off, and they did. To this I say Amen.

Our first choice however, would have been to beat blond Arab supremacists, your type Mustafa, to seize, as the name indicates, in a large, African controlled Sudan. Had it happened, perhaps you would have been incentivized to submit to DNA test to help trace your roots elsewhere. If that does not help, stay put in the Sudan but be content to be equal and a citizen.

We pray for the soul of the greatest Sudanese ever, north or south, religious or atheist, African or Arab, John Garang de Mabior: Rest in eternal Peace. He helped confirm what Africans have always believed in: all human beings are created equal.

Do not expect Deng Alor or people of Abyei to opt to live in a country where the first article of faith is: “Discrimination on account of religion” is legitimate, not to mention discrimination on other grounds which are equally palpable.
I chuckle when you describe Deng Alor as the mightiest of all SPLA Eagles. This reminds me of the cliché “birds of a feather”. I guess you won’t mind being depicted in like terms, having been the cat’s paw you were in your nephew’s 30 year reign. I need not reiterate why Deng Alor took the stance he took in respect to the status of Abyei. You gave him and to people of Abyei, the right to stand solid in defense of their rights.

In the glare of daylight, Abyei has time and again, been robbed of lives, property and dignity while you, Allah fearing Islamists, were the arms suppliers and planners of all invasions. If this does not offend Allah, then bid farewell to humanity as we know it.

Blame yourselves, Islamists. People of Abyei are reacting exactly the way the Quran expects rational beings to react. That is, flee the site of heavy handedness.

I excuse your ignorance of Abyei demographics, Sir Mustafa. People like you hardly ever venture to the regions. All they do is mastermind all tragedies scheduled to unfold there. I do not blame you when you mistake a neighbor for the proprietors of Abyei area.

Derdirei, is a Missiri, a neighbor we once cherished but whom you have played against Abyei using race and religion as the Trojan Horse. You, ventriloquists of Khartoum, have used them mercilessly to dislocate people of Abyei. But tragedy is a saw that cuts both victim and victimizer. Today, both communities suffer; of course, Abyei even more. I pray one day Missiriah would realize they cannot ever benefit from the designs of virtual foreigners, you, for one, Sir Mustafa.

I beg, will your vast loots to the widowed and orphaned children of the Sudan. This may not be enough reparation, but you may prompt your guardian angel to consider putting a silver line in your book of principal on the judgement day, that may come to aid.

Note: I am writing as a concerned citizen of Abyei, a South Sudanese. I am not in any way defending Deng Alor. I want you, Sir Mustafa, to know ”IT IS NOT BY DENG ALOR ALONE THAT ABYEI HAS WAGED THE STRUGGLE TO BE FREE”. We have been on it long before Deng was, before SPLA was; and if the problem is not solved, then long after principles have ceased to exist in the Sudan and true nationals, not profiteers, have taken over the country to implement justice for all.

South Sudan and Sudan shall one day live side by side as loving, sisterly countries, but first, Islamits must leave Islam alone to self perpetuate through its principles.

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