Wau Teaching Hospital Staff Go On Strike

"Now I have a dead body at the mortuary, which has been there for 26 days. How can I touch that body when I don’t even have soap for cleaning? These are the problems facing me as a head of mortuary."

Wau Teaching Hospital Staff Go On Strike

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 03, September, 2019 [GURTONG] - Workers at Wau Teaching Hospital have staged a strike in large numbers at the front office of the hospital’s Director of Administration, demanding their four months allowances released by CORDAID organization.

According to the workers, who spoke to Gurtong in an angry mood, the incentives came out but they claim the administration has been paying the money to some people while missing out the rest of the staff, a move that has triggered staff to go on strike.

They claimed that those who have been receiving the incentives are not even staff working at the hospital.

“My name is Kamisa Diayia Hamed, a nurse at Wau Teaching Hospital. When the incentives from CORDAID came out, they said my name is not on the pay sheet while at the same I work at roster department within the hospital.

“Mine is three months working without these incentives and at the end, I found myself not on the list of the organization’s money. I want to know if I am not a nurse at this hospital? I was expecting the
Medical Director to be present near the committee. He is supposes to be here with the committee to identify those working with him,” she said.

“The administration responsible for issuing out the money is now denying that our names are not on the payroll but where do we belong? We need only our money and if our money is not release, we
will stay in our homes, we will not come to work,” she added.

“The issue is clear, when the money of the organization for four months came, these four months money was supposes to be paid to those who are really working; but as you have seen these people are all the workers working at this hospital including the cleaners, nurses and midwives”, said Peter Hissen Rihan.

Rihan went on to say that the same people paid last week are still now being paid, while the rest are told that their names are not on the payroll list. “Where are our rights? We are demanding our rights; this is what is going on. Our message to the hospital administration is that they pay our incentives

“When we go to CORDAID who brought the money, they tell us gave the incentives to the hospital, they tell us it is not them but the hospital administration who know who is working for them and are supplying the names of those who have the right to be paid”.

Romano Alexandra said she had been working in the hospital since 2005, cleaning even dead bodies to be buried. Now when the incentives come, my name is no longer on the list. I don’t know if a person working in the mortuary is not fit for CORDAID’s money?

“Now I have a dead body at the mortuary, which has been there for 26 days. How can I touch that body when I don’t even have soap for cleaning? These are the problems facing me as a head of mortuary. Better for me to remain at home to go and cut wood for charcoal or look for a causal work elsewhere.”


“We brought our list of names to the office of the Medical Director and he sent us out with the list, telling us to wait until I called us. We waited from 6 to 6 for three days, yet we have not received our money up to now and we are told our names are not on the list”, said Rozeta Francis, a pharmacy officer working at the hospital.

“I want to know if the pharmacy department does not belong to Wau hospital whereby we are not part of the same people receiving the money,”

Rozeta also said she was warned by the administration not to talk on whereabouts the other people receiving the money came from while they have not been seen working in the hospital.

“My message to the administration is that these people who are here belong to the hospital but those who have received the money do not work at the hospital because some names are doubles and when I talk about it, I was called inside and told not to talk about it, let me talk about my issue. Some nurses have received 280 dollars and others received 160 dollars but we did not get anything,” said Roseta.

When contacted by Gurtong, the Wau Teaching Hospital Director declined to speak.

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