Registration Of Opposition Forces Begins In Wau State

"We are expecting the government of South Sudan not to take people back again to war because the civilians are suffering as we, the forces, depend on our civilians."

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 05, September, 2019 [GURTONG] – The Joint Military Ceasefire Committee (JMCC) has started registration of opposition forces assembled at a cantonment site in Wau State.

The registration kicked off yesterday in Ngo-Vongo SPLA- I-O base less than 25 miles South West of Wau Town.

According to the head of JMCC for Wau State, after the registration, all forces would be required to go for training, based on the Revitalize Peace Agreement.

Speaking to the forces during the kick off of the registration, Brigadier Samuel Chan Ring, said the JMCC will hand over the forces to a joint military defence board once it has accomplish it work.

“I am happy today because I met with Major General Abdhalla Ujang. We have started the work as you have seen. I will leave my team here and they will continue the registration,” he said.

“Today we brought 20 boxes of registration forms  and we have more than 2,000. When the plane comes tomorrow, it will bring some more. So I want to ensure the public that the registration of our forces with different organized forces has started here in Ngo-Vongo,” said Ring.

“They will be registered based on their institutions: Police, Prison Service, Wildlife and Fire Brigade. Based on the agreement, the training committee will come and we will hand over the registered forces to start the training,”

On his part, the SPLA-I-O field commander in Wau welcome the arrival of the registration team. Major General Abdhalla Ujang said his forces are ready for the registration.

He also voiced his concerns about health facilities in the shelters and the need for enough food to be provided to his forces.

“Today really, all the forces are happy as you have seen from the back, front and right, all these people are happy. I want tell the entire people of South Sudan that the sun of peace has risen and the morning has come. Now we are for peace,” said Major General Abdhalla Ujang.

“There are some challenges. Based on the agreement, the committee should come and see the cantonments and if they have food supplies and health facilities. As you have seen, the soldiers don’t even have a half of a pain killer tablet.

“This my message for the head of the committee: look at this number of forces for whom you have brought only 150 bags of food supplies, will that feed them for two days? This is just an example of the problems we are facing,” he added.

Some soldiers spoke to Gurtong at the cantonment site. They applauded the move to register them.

“For sure today is a good day. I registered my thanks that all the process for the registration of the SPLA-IO is progressing well. Let me say yes for peace and no for war, no for shedding more blood,” said one of them.

Another said he was not expecting such a day but “we in I-O have now acknowledged that there is peace because the committee for registration has reached us after a long period of waiting and expecting. We are expecting the government of South Sudan not to take people back again to war because the civilians are suffering as we, the forces, depend on our civilians. To the government and IO forces, let us restore our hearts and bring peace to South Sudan. Thank you very much,” he said.

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