Appraisal Of Anjelina Teny And Women In Public Limelight.

"I know they'll become our best agents in uprooting this rooted Savage, cruel approaches to ethnic politics and corruption."

By Martin EL Resmy

During that one day Sudd institute's sponsored workshop, moderated by Abraham A. Awuolic at Juba Grand Hotel on R_ARCISS progress/ implementation in 2019, I came to learn about confidence and wits in her inner world. She is very intelligent, brilliant and excellent.

More than other highly described intellectuals with stable cognitive capacity, she has that aptitude that makes her qualified and suitable for any assignment in this government.

Though we never greeted nor interacted to thank her for the impression on that day, a sense of having met the country's next 'something' was formed in my mind. And exactly that 'something' came into being. Which she deserves!
Not because she was vocal and audible, but also because she was logical and perceptive.

Apparently, it's not plausible in our common political version as South Sudanese to give recognition to women of Anjelina's type 'cause of their men's (husbands) steady and active participation in politics.

She, however, broke the walls of political confinement which kept Mama Rebecca Nyandeng in political isolation for the past years of liberation struggle until Dr. John Garang's death in 2005, which is the same case now with Mama Ayen Mayardiit. She's unnerved not to the calls or wishes of her body but by the same fear of public reactions. She deserve a ministry as well.

Let's compare them to Mama Nunu Kumba, Nadia Arop, Awut Deng, Revecca Joshua, and many other active women. We have a number of strong women in isolation. We must have them in the forefront of the game to challenge their men.

The rest only stoop to massaging their masters egos and lie to them for their petty gains ,which I think won't be the case with Mama Rebecca Garang and Anjelina Teny. And to Mama Ayendiit as well.

It's the right time to clap for them and encourage their full participation to see whether they'll clench or vestige into their men's (husbands) footsteps. I know they'll become our best agents in uprooting this rooted Savage, cruel approaches to ethnic politics and corruption.
Mama Anjelina Teny is exceptionally excellent, Congratulations.

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