What Ails African Liberation Ideals?

"You must be a bootlicker and allow yourself to be an ignoramus to earn bread in Africa or else die in exile."

By Pal Chol Nyan

Most African political ideals of liberation struggle ranging from freedom, comradeship and patriotism; to mention but a few, form the basis of the initiative to fight wars. These ideals are usually abandoned after the attainment of Independence.

Once power is handed over to those who embraced the ideals sang very loud during struggle, they quickly replace the liberation ideals with greed, mafiasm, sycophancy, kleptocracy and worst of all king-making by spitting on liberation ideals.

Former comrades have turned into bootlickers tasked to sing praise songs to please ruling class hence creating an intimidating and unbearable situation for some comrade who would want to sing the liberation ideals. Some comrades have thrown in their lots or leave the country. Everything becomes a matter of life and death.

In most countries that were born out of a struggle, the country gets divided into two categories, the rich and the poor. Enmity and scramble for wealth becomes the order of the day and puts former comrades at odds with each other.

By a layman' s definition, the rich are the supporters of those in power aka government and their apologists. The poor are the citizens and those opposed to the ruling clique.

Increased political pressure and lack of all forms of freedoms gives birth to another rebellion. That explains why wars never end in Africa.
Some comrades or liberators, who are vocal in reminding the rulers about liberation ideals will be isolated, sent into exile or eliminated. The cause of political dissent is never addressed even if it is known.

You must be a bootlicker and allow yourself to be an ignoramus to earn bread in Africa or else die in exile.


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