Status Of R-ARCSS Implementation

"National Revenue Authority should speedy empower the State Revenue Authority with transparent and functional system for revenue collection"

By Community Empowerment for Progress Organization

State and Local Government Responsibility Sharing
Preliminary Findings Report
1. Methodology
a) Key informants interviews with sample size of 3,000
b) Desk Reviews of written reports with sample size of 25 reports by CTSAMVM, RJMEC, IGAD and AUPSC
c) Radio talk shows tracking with sample of 35 radio talk shows
2. Issues Identified
a) Political party frictions at state level and local getting sharp, if the presidency did not agree on political party-public engagement
b) Indicators of male undermining meaningful enforcement of 35% for women at state and local government appointment is higher
c) Delay of effective security arrangements offers chance for undermining of state and local government functions
d) Any weak performance of the state and local government in enforcing rule of law and timely social service delivery, may lead to increase of criminal incidences
e) State and local government have to do a lot in revenue generation through local taxes collection
3. Possible Entry Points
a) State political party roundtable
b) Political parties remind to observed 35% for women,
c) Political parties enforce inclusion of people of young age and person disabilities
d) State governors play role in security arrangements
e) National Revenue Authority supervise State Revenue Authority
f) DDR Commission financed for State activities
4. Recommendations
a) There is a need to conduct political parties state roundtable for defining party activities at state level
b) State Governors should ensure they commit to respect and enforce 35% for women, inclusion of young age people and person with disabilities in state structures
c) The presidency required to urgent take effective decisions for rescuing the security arrangements from collapsing
d) National Revenue Authority should speedy empower the State Revenue Authority with transparent and functional system for revenue collection
e) Presidency should really place money for DDR activities. Successful DDR is the foundation for successful security sector reform .

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