GoS Troops Attack SPLA Positions In Wun

The National Islamic Front (NIF) government of Omer El Beshir is continuously provoking the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement and Sudan Peoples' Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA) into action by attacking SPLA positions all over the New Sudan particularly in Western Upper Nile (WUN).   On Sunday 15th September 2002 the GOS organized a huge convoy from the north towards SPLA positions on the Oil Road that is currently being constructed around the oil fields.  The convoy that consisted of about two battalions of regular government troops and militias allied to them was given air cover by one antonov plane and two helicopter gunships.  After attempting to overrun a small SPLA unit between Mirmir and Pultutni east of Koch, SPLA units in the areas under the command of Commander Peter Par Jiek attacked the enemy despite random bombings by the antonov and the two helicopter gunships.

 In the ensuing battle that lasted two hours, the enemy suffered heavy casualties in men and material.  The whole force was dispersed and fled in disarray towards Pultutni leaving behind thirty dead bodies and many more injured.  The following equipment were captured in good condition: -
(a) one (1) PKM  light machine gun
(b) two (2) RPG-7 rocket launchers
(c) two (2)  G-3 rifles
(d) 12 AKM rifles
One enemy land cruiser mounted with 12.7mm GPHMG was completely destroyed.  The SPLA lost three heroes and 34 soldiers wounded.    
The following day 16th September 2002 at about 9:00pm the antonov plane returned and bombed several villages south of Mirmir.  Initial reports indicate that 12 civilians including five women and seven children were killed.     This cowardly act meted on civil population during night hours must be condemned. 
Finally, the SPLM Leadership congratulates Commander Peter Par Jiek, officers, NCOs and men of the WUN Command for this magnificent victory over the NIF forces of evil.  The SPLM/SPLA also takes this opportunity to appeal to the International Community to put pressure to bear on Khartoum to return to the negotiating table.  The  Khartoum regime must be reminded that its intransigence and misguided policy of war mongering is futile.
Dr. Samson L. Kwaje
Commissioner for Information and
Official Spokesman SPLM/SPLA
September 18, 2002  - Nairobi  
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