Heglig Main Oil Rig Is Destroyed

The main oil rig in Heglig in Bentiu county, Western Upper Nile (WUN) has been destroyed. The Sudan Peoples' Liberation Army (SPLA) special commando forces of the 20th Independent Command under the command of Cdr. George Athor Deng carried out this patriotic mission on September 29th 2002. This has brought to a halt the flow of the oil of the people of Southern Sudan to the North where the proceeds are used to purchase lethal weapons to exterminate them.

Initial reports indicate that it will take considerable amount of time to restore this facility to full operation. The gallant commando units are poised to strike again to shut down exploration of oil which has resulted in massive human misery to the people of Southern Sudan and other marginalized areas.
It will be recalled that the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement and Sudan Peoples' Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA), on several occasions warned foreign oil companies that are exploring for oil and getting concessions from the rogue regime in Khartoum against doing this business in Sudan. The SPLM/SPLA had also further warned them that they remain legitimate targets.

The drilling of oil in Bentiu County has, instead of improving the living conditions of the indigenous African Sudanese, has become a curse. The rogue regime of Omer El Beshir is pursuing a scorch-earth policy in the area. Thousands of indigenous people have been dislocated from their ancestral homesteads to make way for the greedy oil companies that are oblivious to the suffering of the people.

The county of Mayom is out of bound to the Nuer nationality, the indigenous owners of the land. The proceeds from the sale of the oil are used to purchase lethal weapons to kill them not to improve their living conditions.

Finally, the SPLM/SPLA reiterates its commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict, but will not permit the vandalization of the oil for fanatical and ideological purposes. The SPLM/SPLA appeals, once more, to the foreign oil companies to heed the voice of reason and prudent to immediately halt exploitation of oil while the present armed conflict is raging.
George Garang
For: Commissioner for Information and
Official Spokesman SPLM/SPLA
2nd October, 2002 - Nairobi


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