Ban On Relief Flights Violates Nuba Mountains Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement

 The cruel and criminal ban on relief flights by the Government of Sudan (GOS) to victims of its racist war in Sudan has had a new turn for the worst for the Nuba Mountains. The GOS has banned relief flights originating from the Kenyan border town of Lokichoggio to the Nuba Mountains. This ban is clearly an arrogant violation of the Nuba Mountains Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement which the rogue regime had signed and pledged to observe.
The Nuba Mountains Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement which was signed in Burgenstock, Switzerland, this year and brokered by the Government of the USA and the Swiss Federation was meant to facilitate delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Nuba Mountains. October Flight Denial List indicates that all areas in the Nuba Mountains controlled by the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement must now be serviced only from Khartoum-controlled areas (i.e., El Obeid in Kordofan Province). This is a direct violation of the explicit terms of the Nuba Mountains Cease fire, which has been touted by many as a model of how peace can be extended in Sudan. In fact, what Khartoum's actions of today show is that the regime is simply unwilling to uphold the terms of agreements negotiated, even under the auspices of the US Special Envoy. This is a sobering reminder of how extremely difficult it will be to obtain a meaningful peace agreement in Machakos, and just how vigorous international guarantees and guarantors will have to be if agreements negotiated at Machakos are to be honoured by Khartoum.
This agreement binds all OLS sectors namely the Southern Sudan sector which operates from Kenya; and the Northern sector from Khartoum, not to hinder the ferrying of humanitarian assistance to the people of the Nuba Mountains. It is obvious the ban serves no other useful purpose except to reveal the government's nefarious attitude towards the Sudanese people it pretends to care for.
The SPLM/SPLA, being led by responsible leadership, is deeply concerned with the behaviour of those in-charge over the affairs affecting the Sudanese people. It is time the government demonstrates some responsibility and behaves in a civilized manner by respecting treaties, agreements and conventions it enters into with other nations.
George Garang
For: Commissioner for Information and
Official Spokesman SPLM/SPLA
3rd October 2002 - Nairobi


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