South Sudan's SSUDA Reshuffles Leadership

August 27, 2006 — South Sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA) the political wing of the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) has reshuffled its leadership today. SSUDA Political Executive Bureau (PBC) met today on 27 August 2006 to announce its executive leadership reshuffled. SSUDA leadership acted prudently in accordance with its Mission Statement that it is committed to the restoration of democratic process, respect for cultural diversity and promotion of the culture of peace.

Effective as of today’s date the following individuals have elected by a “quorum” to assume responsibilities and duties of the following offices:- 1. Professor David de Chand has been unanimously elected Chairman of SSUDA. 2. Mr. Thomas Tut Doap- unanimously elected Vice Chairman of SSUDA.

SSUDA has been legally registered as Political Party in Sudan. SSUDA has an open membership to all Sudanese who aspire the principle of democracy, good governance, and the rule of law, respect for human rights, transparency and accountability. SSUDA is anti-corruption, tribalism and nepotism.

Most importantly, SSUDA is determined to eradicate corruption in government, nepotism, tribalism, sectarianism and favoritism as well as conflict of interest. SSUDA has a democratic institution, welcome all people to join it regardless of tribe, nationality, religion, national origin, creed and gender.

SSUDA will pioneer democracy through dialogue, tolerance by promoting culture of peace, respect for diversity and social equality for all Sudanese citizens and South Sudanese in particular. SSUDA will challenge democratically the current highly nepotistic, corruption, dictatorship, lack or the absence of democratization, good governance, respect for human rights and cultural diversity in Juba.

We appeal to SSUDA members throughout the world and in Sudan to accept without any preconditions the current reshuffled in the leadership. We urge new members to sign. As democrats, let us work together to produce changes in our great country Sudan and South Sudan in particular.

SSUDA will challenge the current tribal government in Juba for its dissolution and replace it with a representative democratic system that based its principles on “Universal Adult Suffrage“.

SSUDA will select its members to contest the elections in 2008 from the Presidency of the Republic to the current undemocratic, tyrannical and tribal dictatorship in the de facto government in Juba.

SSUDA recognizes the CPA because it is an extension of the Khartoum/Fashoda Peace Agreements of 1997. Nevertheless, SSUDA will not accept any participation under the current de facto government in Juba predominantly controlled by one party under one ethnic group. SSUDA calls for three protocols, for political power, resources sharing and Security Arrangement between SSUDA/SSDF and SPLM/A. Failure on the international community to adhere to this call, could seriously jeopardize the so-called CPA. Already the state of war exists between the SPLA and SSDF forces throughout South Sudan. Mr. Salva Kiir declared a war that he cannot fight.

SSUDA calls on the international community and the international peace sponsors (the USA, the UK, Norway and Italy) and the IGAD mediators to facilitate transparent, comprehensive and inclusive dialogue amongst all Southern political and military forces and the civil society.

SSUDA leadership wishes the newly elected persons best wishes and the best of luck. We believe that they will steer SSUDA leadership to a new political frontier and higher heights. God bless you all,

Signed, Peter Chuol Gatluak, Information Secretary, SSUDA. Email pgatluak2002@


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